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The following books written by Norman P. Grubb are available to be ordered from Linda Bunting.

These are all NEW BOOKS which were published by Christian Literature Crusade.  You may order either by mail, e-mail, or telephone:

Mail:  Linda Bunting
         13984 Poplar Lane
         Louisville, KY 40299


Telephone: 502-245-3850

When ordering books please add $3.50 for shipping and handling for up to six (6) books. When ordering larger numbers of books, shipping will be adjusted to reflect higher shipping charges.

God Unlimited
By Norman P. Grubb

There are many today who are not satisfied with their Christian experience. Some go through constant self-condemnation. Life's problems defeat them, and fears obsess them. They are not inwardly free, and therefore cannot livingly recommend Christ to others. This book sets forth the secrets of a life that is both blessed and a blessing.

$10.00 Each

The Key to Everything
By Norman P. Grubb

Norman Grubb's classic presentation of the essentials of the Christian life shows the way to a clearer understanding of the relationship between God and His children. 

"Once you have come to see that your basic function is a constant recognition of Another, the whole of life is transformed.  You've got the key to everything"

Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade. 1941. This printing 2002. 64pgs. ISBN 0-87508-222-X

$7.00 each

The Spontaneous You
By Norman P. Grubb

Most people are eager to find the really releasing answer for living free from the frustration of circumstances. In this book Norman Grubb digs down into the foundations and examines the basis of human living, not as a theory but in workable experience.

Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade. 1966. This printing 1985. 128 pgs. ISBN 0-87508-224-6

$10.00 each

Discovering ourselves and discovering God
By Norman P. Grubb

Life is lived spontaneously and naturally only by a fixed inner consciousness. Norman Grubb describes what this "fixed inner consciousness" should be for the Christian. Not until we know how we stand with God can we know how we stand with ourselves.

Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade. 1974. This printing 1988. 157pg. ISBN 0-87508-227-0

$10.00 each