Women's Reunion: South Boston, Virginia

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The Carol and Mark Foster Home

Carol Foster - Hostess

Marion, Harriet, Katherine and Dee Dee

On the veranda

School Friends - Helen, Francis, Marion

Mark and Polly

Katherine, Dee Dee, Luli, Francis and Carol


Several years ago my husband Mark and I moved to Virginia and bought the home I had grown up in. It has been great to go back to my "roots" and step back into relationships I had as a young person. Of course there are also people we have made friends with who have moved to the area since I moved away. One day the thought occurred to me that I wanted to share with my friends both new and old, the most important thing that has happened to me in my life; my walk of Faith in Jesus Christ. I also wanted my Virginia friends to know my friends from other places I've met and fellowshipped with over the last thirty years. I called Linda Bunting, Marian Sandbek, and Harriet Wearren in Louisville, Ky. Frances Pulliam in Greensboro, N.C., Helen Overly and Freda Raker in McConnellsburg, Pa., and DeeDee Winter in Arlington, Texas and invited them to come and share their faith journey. It was agreeable to everyone to set the week-end of May 14th-15th for a "Day Apart." I invited about 95 ladies and over the two days we had 83 women who came to be with us. Both days were beautiful; warm but not hot, a soft breeze, green trees and grass of Spring and wonderful blue skies.


Helen Overly, with her banjo for accompaniment, led us in a rousing rendition of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning."  It was a masterful stroke as it seemed to reassure my guest they were there for an enjoyable experience. I acted as M.C. and my out-of-town guest shared their lives and their testimonies. We finished at one o'clock in time for a wonderful lunch. People took their plates and gathered for fellowship in various places, inside and out. One of the highlights of the week-end for me was when my daughter took her place among the speakers and shared with the group the wonderful truths she has learned from the hardships she's experienced in her life, the thing a parent most hopes for is that their child will know God and will have the "equipment" (or tools) they need to meet life with peace, joy, serenity, and hope.


It was a wonderful weekend. We laughed, we cried, we planned and we revived. We felt so blessed to know who we are in Christ, to know each other, and to feel so connected to you ALL who were not with us this time.
Excerpts of 'thank you' from those who came.
"Dear Carol, You cannot imagine how your day with 'the girls' affected me. The turn out on both days gives proof to the need for many of us to hear about the things of God" and the thirst we have for a closer relationship with Him. Your friends and daughter were so generous to share their spiritual journeys with us. I, for one, am humbled by your courage and witness."
"Saturday at your home inspired me so much that I have shared it with family and friends."
"Sometimes we don't realize that others have the same problems and feelings that we have so to hear them and you gives the insight that you did was certainly helpful."
"Thank you for including me. I am very grateful to all of you for sharing your personal, and sometimes painful stories with us. I feel as though a lot of hearts were touched and changed that day. I know I learned some valuable lessons from some amazing women. You must be very proud of your daughter and circle of friends."
"I am in envy of this treasure you have found, not to say how much of a treasure you are to all of us. I only wish I could be part of a group such as yours."
"The day was such a warm and inspiring day that I did not want it to end."
"It's not often you are invited into someone's home to hear folks talk about our Lord."
"Last Friday was one of the most interesting and stimulation experiences I've had in a long time, so unlike anything I've ever done before. I think what impressed me most (I hope I can express this as I mean it) is that they are not fanatical, but well rounded, seemingly affluent ladies who live life as we all live life. Their religious beliefs do not restrict what they do. Their beliefs do not dictate "Do's" and "Don't". My one regret is not meeting and hearing your daughter."
"Certainly it was affirming to each of us that HE does love us, warts and all."
" I feel we all learned and took something home to work with in our daily lives."
"We all could empathize with your friends as they gave their testimonials. We have all walked a similar path."
"It was a powerful experience for me. I really enjoyed meeting such a sharing group of people who all seem so different but had one thing in common - their faith in God."
"What a day! Beautiful weather, great friends - especially your friends! They were so easy to talk with and their stories touched home.!