Christ As Us
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 A Day Apart - 2005
Getting ready for the meeting.  The cake a gift from our friend Jay Arriving for the first day. Tent scene, first day Tent scene, first day
Tent scene, first day Carol welcoming 1st day crowd Tent scene, first day Helen Overly Singing
Relaxing in the Afternoon Sallie Polk, Freda Raker, Carol Foster Mark foster joins the girls Tent scene, Second day
Carol welcomes crowd on 2nd day Helen leads the singing Diane hides the cake box before lunch Lunch table
DeeDee Winger, Helen Overly, Sallie Polk, Frances Pullian, Linda Bunting, Paula Trice, Carol Foster, Freda Raker, Judy Dunn Saturday night at home with Joy and Mark Saturday night after an authentic Italian dinner we enjoyed music with Jerry Burnett, Luli and Helen  

The second annual "Women Day Apart" in Southside Virginia was held at the home of Carol and Mark Foster on the third week-end of May, 2005.  Our group doubled in size this year with a final count of 140 attending over the two day event.  With so much interest recently in Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" and "The Purpose Driven Church" we decided to talk about God's purpose for our life.  Our emphasis of course was on Christ being our life and how Christ lives His life thru us.

One of the most thrilling sights of the weekend was to look out across the fields and see the cars lining up on the country lane leading into our property.  It is such an inspiring sight and seems to be an outward sign of how much we as people look forward to a time devoted to focusing on our relationship with our God. 

Dee Dee Winter and Judy Dunn came from Arlington, Texas, Freda Raker and Helen Overly came from Pennsylvania.  Linda Bunting, Paula Trice and Joanie Thacker came from Louisville, Kentucky.  Frances Pulliam and her daughter Laura came from Greensboro, North Carolina and Sallie Polk came from Charlotte, North Carolina.  All of these women gave of their time and money to come and share with the Virginia women what God is teaching them as they walk out their faith in their own lives.  Judy Dunn shared with us her insight on how the Old Testament temple was a picture of the living temple we know today.  Sallie Polk used her experience in learning forgiveness in a talk entitled "How to Love Your Enemy When Your Enemy is your Husband."  We were all relieved to find out she was speaking of a former husband!  This year our friends Diane, Kathy, Kay and Frances, all local women, spoke of their own faith journeys and we thank them for that

Lunch followed our time together each day and was a wonderful time of fellowship and conversation springing from our morning session. 

Friday night we had a fun time at a local restaurant and Saturday night we were treated to an Italian dinner prepared by a young man who was visiting from Italy.  After dinner we sang and danced as one of our local friends entertained us using his keyboard.  The girls from out of town stayed until Monday so we had a wonderful day on Sunday relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Maybe you can come next year.