Louisville Retreat

September 13 - 15, 2002

   a week-end of sharing;

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  1 Corinthians 5:17

Photo's from 2002 Conference - Click the Thumbnail to enlarge the photograph

Alice Corcoran - our own Alice in Wonderland

Barbara Bopp - wonderful new friend.

Bill Davis with "Listening" Ed Lassiter

Bill Turpie interviewing Ken Stewart

Bob Myers - "Special" Friend

Brian Coatney - Sharing the truth in love

Burt Rosenberg - "Joy Spritzer"

Jean Ngwa - Can't wait to Share

Chuck Fischer says: "There's no place I'd rather be."

Dan Stone - Senior Patriarch

Dee Dee Winter - Love Never Fails

Donald Graham - Ever Faithful

Doug Eblen and Marge Bedard - Discussing the deep things of God

Eldean Marler - Elder Statesman

Erin Milburn - Editor of The Christian Voice

Felix Bopp - Wonderful, new Friends

Fran Giles & Annette Welch - "Love Personified"

Fred & Jan Pruitt - "Words and Music"

Frieda Raker with her group and sister Dorie, "All time Best Cookie Maker"

Jean & Dorothy Nyewa with Toby Asawam - Friends from Cameroon

Harold Vallins - The Brothers Vallins

Harriet Wearren - Faith at Work

Harriet, Luli, Jean, Dee Dee, Frances and John

Helen Overly - Song Leader Extrordinaire

Jeanette Asawam, Carol Graham and Sylvia Vallins - Interesting Conversation

Janice Hollinshead - Speaking with Clarity

Jenny Fienning and Frances Pulliam - Intense Listeners

John Bunting with Ann & Bob Van Dyne "Beartiful Minds"

John Collings - Wonderful, Wise, Warm, Web Master

Judy Dunn - Making sure everything is in Order

Linda Bunting & Chuck Fisher in front of Chris & Stanley Mullendore

Lisa Ford - Trailblazer

Margaret Lester with Carol Foster our fabulous Emcee

Marge Sanders - Rapt Attention

Marian Sandbek - Lending an Ear

Marley Latter and Dan Stone - Love Moment

Mary Blair - Sweet Spirit

Michael Vallins - The Brothers Vallins

Nancy Gilmore and Bette Ketcham - "Beauty" Sharing a moment

Newcomers Bob and Ann Van Dyne, Marge Davis and Joyce White

Nick Cabbiness - Resident Mystic

Oliver Hollinshead and Barry Sanders - The Sound Crew

Rod Hoober with daughter Allison Ponsell - "At Peace"

Ruth Howell - Strong & Steadfast

Skip Smith and Bill Turpe - Longtime Friends

Stephen Gozan - Pianist Extraordinairen

Sumptuous Feasts - Catered Noon and Evening

Sylvia Pearce - Teacher

Tandy, Mimi, Brian and Bob - Enjoying the Day

Tony Ketcham - Our Wonderful Photographer

Vicki Kern - Geneology Expert

Wade Wearren & Helpers - Serving up an excellent meal

2001 Participants    2001 Photos

2000 Participants

For Information about the 2003 Retreat, contact:


Linda Bunting

13984 Poplar Lane

Louisville, Kentucky 40299

Phone: 502-245-3212

e-mail: b13984@iglou.com


Flying in the Rain: Louisville 2002


The late summer grass on fire

begged rain when September came,

and our friends once again

set their welcoming tent

on the patio by the swimming pool.


Kites of all colors,

from fields of invention,

sailed in with strings in hand,

but ready for a swap:

“Here, you fly mine,

and let me hold yours.”


Each kite sailed aloft

in new hands,

on one rolling hill.


The sky darkened in a friendly way,

as colors mixed,

and soon

many hands flew many kites.


God said,

“I love a festival

of colors flying wild

with strings from hand to hand,

all in a summer sky.”


The warmth rose up,

and clouds spread rain

in drops and sheets,

with water off the flaps

along the tent.


The grass gave up its fire

to the rain.

That burned with sin

drank all its mercy’s needs,

while what had burned

to spend,

found all its blades

had proved a sacrifice.


The rain and laughter

carried on their play,

and each took home his kite.


And though the same went home

that each had brought,

new colors added—

fins and features found—

meant new contriving

and the spending of ourselves

in daring, wild array.


We each as one,

but many,

go the same

and yet a different way

until we meet again.


Brian Coatney