Louisville 2003


Doug Eblen

Ed and Millie Lassiter

Judy Dunn

John Collings and Millie Lassiter

Stephen and Sandy Collings (brother and sister)

DeeDee Winter, Helge and Fiona Schneemann, John Collings and Linda Bunting

Frances Pulliam, Terri White, Judy Dunn, Harriet Wearren, DeeDee Winter

Sandra Collings, Fiona Schneemann, Carol Graham, DeeDee Winter

John Bunting, Helge Schneemann, John Collings

The Three Amigos

Nicholas Collings examining the minutiae

Janie Collings and Marian Sandbek

Ed Lassiter and Stephen Collings

John Bunting and Skip Smith

Sue Stewart and Millie Lassiter

The evening meal.

Bob Crawford and John Collings

Carol Foster and Harriet Wearren with Stephen Gozan on the Keyboard

Helen Overly and "Union Station" Ron Block

Dan Stone and Linda Bunting

Key Note Speaker - Steve Pettit

Ron Block

Ron Block

Ed Lassiter

Ice Cream and Cookies

Ed and Millie Lassiter, Sandy Collings, Skip and Doug Soderdahl

Brian Coatney

Jim Seward listening to Harriet Wearren

Skip Smith

Terri White, Sue and Ken Stewart

Tent meeting

Book Tables

Arkansas Friends

Helge and Fiona Schneemann

Carol Foster

Wade Wearren supervising the Food Line

Frances and Pete Pulliam with Stephen Collings

Barbara Bopp and Patty Carr

Fred and Jan Pruitt making beautiful music

Dan Stone

Burt Rosenberg

Kaitlin, Dave, Eric and Friend

Skip Smith, Sandra Collings and Ed Lassiter

Group discussion

Jim Seward

Barbara and Felix Bopp with Janie Collings

Fiona Schneemann, Carol Graham, Janie Collings, Judy Dunn and Linda Bunting

Steve Pettit and Chuck Fischer

Janie Collings, Linda Bunting, Patty Carr, Dee Dee Winter, Barbara Bopp and Harriet Wearren

Dan Stone, Sandy and John Collings