Louisville 2004


George Allen and DeeDee Winter

Judy Dunn, Dana Roy, Helen Overly, Roy Davis

Derek Taylor and Thad Montgomery

Ed Lassiter, Don Meridith, Janis Meridith, Will Reems, John Bunting

The spread is awaiting, thanks to Wade Wearren.

Corporate Prayer

Pete Pulliam and Seng Bun

Nancy Thompson and Iris Taylor

Helen Overly, Cassie Stewart, Sue Stewart, Mary Blair, Pat Price, Dorie Fell

Will Reems, Sandy and Thad Montgomery, Tom Carroll

Janis and Don Meridith

Peggy Burton, Ed Lassiter

Kathy Siebert, Lynn Rugh, Luli Bunting with Evan Hays hiding behind Kathy

Marty Latter and Wade Wearren

Stephen Gozan and Dottie Horn

Alice Corcoran and Iris Taylor

Francis Pulliam and Catherine Graham

Francis Pulliam and John Collings

Bob Crawford and John Collings

Sue and Courtney Stewart

Carol Foster, Helen Overly and Luli Bunting

Dan, Barry Alice, DeeDee, Helen, Burt dancing with praise, Fred Pruitt watching on.

Helen Overly expounding the Word!

Sandy and Thad with John Bunting Praying.

Bob Crawford, Derek Taylor and Kathy Siebert

Ray Sandbek and Chuck Fischer

Jason Duby

Marian, Stephen, Dan, Bary and Katherine

Friday Night Sing-a-long

Dana entertaining

Friday Fellowship

Janis Pruitt singing original composition

Burt and his backup singers

Jason Duby and Judy Dunn

Will Reams the 2000 year dead man

John Collings

Roy Paschal Davis from Guatemala

Seng Bun from Cambodia

Canadian Iris Taylor

Cassie and Sue Stewart, Roy Davis, Holly, DeeDee Winter Alice Corcoran

Helen Overly, Dorie Fell, Freda Raker

Stephen Gozan on keyboard

Mike Jones, Dan Stone, Luli Bunting, Suzie Jones

Dan with Harriet

Burt Rosenberg spritzing Joy

Fred Pruitt "This day is the scripture fullfilled in you"

Carol Foster, Luli Bunting

Friday night "Ice Cream" fellowship

Dr. Felix Bopp consulting with DeeDee about ice cream.

Stephen Gozan performs classical into the night.

Bert Rosenberg, Nancy Thompson, Janis and Fred Pruitt, John Bunting, Dan Stone

DeeDee Winter sharing about the rightness of our souls in intercession.

Bert's Frog (is it helium or a frog?) watching John Collings introduce Roy Davis