Christ As Us
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"Louisville Reunion Week-End  2010"
September 24/25/26

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Carol Foster


John Bunting


Judy Lawrence, Bob Wilson, Barry Burton, Jack Ogutu, Helen Overly, Sandy Frinell
Richard Waters, Gary Bonikowsky and Ken Rideout doing see, hear, speak no evil but someone goofed

Sandy Frinell


Amelia & Lester Costes, Rich & Polly Blackstock lv10 Ashley Chen Hong, Amelia Costes, Rich & Polly Blackstock

Linda Bunting Heisler, Gaye Dowler, Burt Rosenberg, Ashley Chen Hong, John Bunting Sara Tinetti, DeeDee, Harriet Wearren, Jo Ann Parker, Mary Lloyd Farmer
Sara Tinetti, Jo Ann & Mark Parker, Jean & Neal Reed Linda Bunting introducing each one by name! Fred Pruitt
Roy Darden, Chris Wigley Lester Costes, John Collings, Ben Williams, Marian Sandbek

Dan & Cheryl Powers


Mary Lloyd Farmer, Carol Foster, Sean O'Leary, Sandy Frinell Phillip Morris, Joan Mcloed, Lucille Davis Harriet Wearren, Norma Mouser


Janis Pruitt, Jerry Oliver, Burt Rosenberg

Alice Corcoran and Jack Ogutuu

Carol Reams, Jack Corcoran, DeeDee Winter, Gary Bonikowsky, Chuck Fischer, John Bunting

Ken Rideout Harriet Wearren Linda Bunting
Donna Kay Brenzel Burt Rosenberg Janis & Jessica Pruitt
Ray Sandbek, Barry Sanders Sandy Frinell, Bob Wilson, Linda, Sean O'Leary, Ashley Chen Hong Sara Tinetti, Linda Bunting, DeeDee Winter, Sandy Frinell
Bob Wilson, Rachael, Ashley Chen Hong John Bunting & Shelley John Collings, Pam Torres, Roy Davis
Jodie Schiefelbein, Rachael Park, Helen Overly, Janice Brasher, Mary Blair, Jennifer McDaniel, Janice, Ekelund

Pat Oliver, Judie Waters, Sara Tinetti, DeeDee Winter

David Heisler


Carol Reams, John Bunting, Mary Blair, Judy Lawrence, Bob Wilson    



13984 Poplar Lane

Louisville, Kentucky 40299 


In recent weeks, the Spirit has been giving us a new awareness of this verse  …


“Therefore from now on we know no man after the flesh; even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him thus no longer. -  II Corinthians 5:16”


What is the Spirit saying to you? 


Please come and let’s explore, together, what Paul has written.


We begin on Friday evening at 6:pm with dinner and end Sunday

Noon with lunch.

Please reply by August 1st to:


Linda Bunting.

(502-245-3212) e-mail:


If you need motel information, please be in touch with me.