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Date Title Author
3/14  "I" and "Thou"  Martin Buber 
3/17  "If I Make My Bed in Hell, Thou Art There"  Norman Grubb 
12/30  "It's Wonderful. . . "  Helen Keller 
3/16  A Challenge to Every Christian  Mrs. C.T. Studd 
8/18  A Changeless Law  Norman P. Grubb 
11/27  A Prayer  St. Theresa  
2/06  A Right Humanity  Norman Grubb 
9/02  A Strange Illusion  C. S. Lewis 
12/15  Absolute Surrender  Andrew Murray 
12/13  Advance!  C. T. Studd 
8/07  Adventure in God  Unknown 
2/05  After Victory  Madame Guyon 
5/03  Alfred Buxton  Norman P. Grubb 
8/12  All About Fellowship  Oswald Chambers 
7/27  All I have to do is 'Be'  Sandy Hatchell 
4/09  All in All  Fred Pruitt 
7/22  All is centered in Christ  Norman P. Grubb 
12/31  All of Life is Inner Conciousness  Fred Pruitt 
1/04  All things  Steve Pettit 
3/19  Almighty Meekness  Norman Grubb 
8/23  Alone  Dan Crawford 
10/22  Always in Peril  DeeDee Winter 
3/09  An End to the Common Sense Life  John Eldredge 
7/11  An Expression of the Law  Sue Stewart 
6/30  An Habitual, Silent and Secret Conversation  Brother Lawrence 
10/11  An Ineffable Mystery  Albert Schweitzer 
5/27  An Ineffable Mystery  Albert Schweitzer 
9/30  Are You Righteous or Sinful?  Dan Stone 
1/25  Are You Sure THIS Is The Christian Life?  Steve McVey 
12/16  Bearing the Image   Jacob Boehme 
9/06  Between God and man: can we take it?  Mike Mason 
9/09  Boasting in our Weakness  Watchman Nee 
6/01  Burnout  Paul Anderson-Walsh 
10/13  Christ as Our Life  T. Austin-Sparks 
7/23  Christ in Our World  Fred Pruitt 
8/10  Christianity  Soren Kierkegaard 
1/31  Christianity   Soren Kierkegaard 
6/25  Coming To The End  Norman Grubb 
8/21  Compassion Must Meet Need  Norman P. Grubb 
6/16  Compliance or Obedience?  Steve McVey 
5/20  Conduct?  Dan Stone 
5/29  Cones of Light in the Darkness  Phil Ware 
7/13  Congratulations, You Have Failed!  Dan Stone 
5/11  Conquest of Fear  Walter Lanyon 
10/21  Containers: Filled with God  Claire Cloninger  
6/15  Creative Personhood  Richard Zenith 
4/03  Crucifixion with Christ   J. C. Philpot 
4/04  Crucifixion with Christ  J. C. Philpot 
3/30  David Heisler  If - Then 
9/16  Death to Self  Alex P. Cohen 
10/14  Dialogue - Trajan to Ignatius   Ignatius 107AD 
1/13  Disarm Hostility  Henry W. Longfellow  
5/07  Divine Blessing  Michael Molinos 
11/22  Does God Want That We Give Up Our Desire?  Soren Kierkegaard 
2/20  Don't Do Religion  Jacques Ellul 
4/12  Emotion is from God  John Collings 
10/08  Entering God's Rest  Dan Stone 
5/30  Entering the Silence  Thomas Merton 
9/28  Essential Mystery  John Adams 
7/17  Eternal Reality  Dan Stone 
6/29  Eternal Superiority  Norman P. Grubb 
8/06  Everything is Revelant  John Fautley 
11/30  Evil Is The Misuse Of Good  C.S. Lewis 
8/25  Faith  Norman P. Grubb 
11/24  Faith  Norman Grubb 
11/28  Faith  John Collings 
9/10  Faith and Reason  Soren Kierkegaard 
3/23  Faith in Action   Norman P. Grubb 
12/02  Faith Is Simply Receiving  Norman Grubb 
1/01  Faith is the light of time  Jean-Pierre de Crussade 
2/18  Faith vs Belief  Jacques Ellul 
9/01  Fatherhood  John Collings 
4/13  Fathers Needed  John Collings 
12/05  Fear  Walter Lanyon 
12/23  Free from All Law  Martin Luther 
11/13  Free From the Yoke of Slavery  Bob George 
12/08  Freedom  Walter Lanyon 
6/17  Freedom from Anxiety  Richard Foster 
11/14  Freedom From Biblicism  Robert Brinsmead 
9/03  from: The Glass Bead Game  Herman Hesse 
9/08  Fulfill the Law? Is that all you want?  Juan Carlos Ortiz 
4/01  Get a Revelation  Unknown 
10/02  Getting to know Yourself  Bob George 
11/26  Giving Thanks  Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
2/25  God in Everything  Bede Griffiths 
12/01  God Invented Us  C.S. Lewis 
7/20  God is Light  St. Symeon the New Theologian 
7/16  God IS Love  Fred Pruitt 
9/24  God Meant it to Be  W. R. Inge, Dean of St. Paul's 1860-1954 
10/24  God ONLY!  Norman P. Grubb 
5/12  God Requires Only Himself  Jessie Penn-Lewis 
10/15  God Will Provide  Fred Pruitt 
6/10  God Works in the Dark  Edna Cowman 
9/21  God! God!  Teresa of Avila 
12/14  God, Help Me?  Steve Pettit 
1/05  God's Book  Jacob Boehme 
5/23  God's Gift  Helen Steiner Rice 
12/28  God's Hand  Norman P. Grubb 
7/10  God's Love  Mary Blair 
11/16  God's Loving Betrayal  Brent Curtis & John Eldredge 
9/11  God's Precious Assets  Dan Stone 
11/07  Going to hell. . . For God!  Norman Grubb 
8/16  Grace Graces Even Our Failures  Michael Yaconelli 
9/13  Grace Prayer  John Fautley 
5/16  Great Virtues  Madame Guyon 
1/07  Greed  Fynn 
8/27  He Faileth Not  Hudson Taylor 
10/26  He Is Within You  George Washington Carver 
3/06  He That Gives To the Poor Shall Not Lack  Rees Howells 
11/19  Hearing and Seeing God  Jacob Boehme 
7/15  Hidden Miracles  Fred Pruitt 
6/06  His Keeping Power  Watchman Nee 
6/26  His Love in Your Spirit  Gene Edwards 
7/25  His Next Step  Norman P. Grubb 
6/14  His Yoke is Easy  E. Stantey Jones  
5/25  Hope  Fr. James Keller, M.M.,  
4/19  If I Make by Bed in Hell  David Heisler 
11/09  If You Think You Aren't Good Enough   Sundar Singh 
7/26  In Christ  Lynette Woods 
1/09  In Your Time of Need  Unknown 
5/09  Inexorably Love  George MacDonald 
1/15  Intercession  Norman P. Grubb 
11/05  Intercession  Norman P. Grubb 
3/04  Intercession is not Prayer  Norman Grubb 
3/05  Intercession Is Not Working For God  Norman Grubb 
12/09  Is Saying You're a Sinner Really Humble?  Dan Stone 
6/27  It Is Between You and God  Dr. Kent M. Keith  
10/23  It Is Wonderful  Walter Lanyon 
12/10  It's True, but . . .   Cris Norris 
3/15  Journey into the Heart of God  Nick Cabbiness 
2/26  Judge Not  George Macdonald 
9/04  Just Be Your Real Self  Norman Grubb 
6/21  Just Three Steps  Hanna Whitall Smith 
12/04  Kiss of the Spirit  George MacDonald 
10/19  Law vs Grace: a Cosmic Event  Nick Cabbiness 
10/09  Life's Rests  John Ruskin 1819-1900 
9/15  Life's Supreme Secret  Norman Grubb 
7/24  Live in the Present  Blaise Pascal 
9/27  Living by the Law is Separation  Fred Pruitt 
3/24  Living by the Life of Another  Bob Guess 
11/01  Living Water  Linda Bunting 
2/03  Living With Jesus Today  Juan Carlos Ortiz 
10/18  London Notes & Lectures  Walter Lanyon 
1/06  Lord! Thy Will be Done!  Society of Friends 
2/08  Losing Your Life  Walter Lanyon 
4/22  Love  Thomas Traherne 
5/10  Love and Justice  Soren Kierkegaard 
2/15  Love is Unstoppable  William Law 
6/02  Love that is will always be   An Old Amish Poem 
3/07  Loving As He  Rees Howells 
1/18  Loving One Another  George A. Maloney 
11/06  Man is Something That Must be Overcome  Karl Barth 
11/25  Man: The Dwelling Place of God  A.W. Tozer 
7/05  Men Have Forgotten God  Alexander Solzhenitsyn 
1/19  Messy Spirituality  Anne Lammott 
4/23  Moses  Norman P. Grubb 
5/01  Much Fruit  Doris M. Ruscoe 
4/17  My Eternity  Horatius Bonar 
12/07  My Father's Business  Linda Bunting 
1/22  Mystery of Union  Dan Stone 
4/10  Mysticism  Andrew Murray 
3/11  New Virginity  Jacob Boehme 
1/02  New Year's Blessings  George Allen 
8/22  Not a Religion  Edith Buxton 
1/23  Not Bothered Anymore  Norman Grubb 
6/20  Not Emotions but Reality  Hanna Whitall Smith 
8/24  Obedience  Norman P. Grubb 
1/08  On Depression  Linda Bunting 
2/02  On the Eve of Union  Madame Guyon 
6/09  Once it Happened . . .   Hermann Hesse 
2/23  One Head  Kokichi Kurosaki 
5/06  One More Thing!  Edith Buxton 
11/04  One with the Father  Alex P. Cohen 
8/08  One Yet Two - A Paradox  Norman P. Grubb 
8/01  Oneness  Jacob Boehme 
12/12  Oneness  Richard Wurmbrand 
1/26  Oneness  Jacob Boehme 
7/29  Oneness is Scary  Fred Pruitt 
11/10  Only Faith  Soren Kierkegaard 
11/20  Only God is Good  William Law 
9/23  Our Deepest Fear  Nelson Mandela 
3/03  Our High Priest  Norman Grubb 
2/13  Our Holy Gladness  Frederick Buechner 
10/29  Our Passion for Him. . .?  John Gavazzoni 
2/11  Our Will--Free To Be Ridden  Nick Cabbiness 
10/04  Permanent Abiding  Hudson Taylor 
1/17  Please Hear What I Am Not Saying  Charles C. Finn 
5/24  Pleasing the Father  Jay Tircuit  
9/25  Pleasure and Sorrow  Robert Browing Hamilton 
10/10  Popcorn  John Fautley 
12/18  Positive And Negative Are One Essence  Jacob Boehme 
10/03  Power or Person?  Bob George 
4/06  Pray without Ceasing  Fred Pruitt 
8/02  Pursue Pleasure  Soren Kierkegaard  
9/05  Quit Trying  John Fautley 
8/17  Reality  Julius Richter 
7/08  Refuse False Condemnations  Norman P. Grubb 
1/16  Regarding 'pleasures' ...   Linda Bunting 
2/12  Removing the Veil  Juan Carlos Ortiz 
2/09  Resurrection  Madame Guyon 
11/17  Revelation: God's Way of Knowing  Dan Stone 
3/20  Rise Together with the Giver  Khalil Gibran 
8/09  Running from God  Michael Yaconelli 
12/26  Sanctification  Oswald Chambers 
8/13  Satan's Fall  Norman P. Grubb 
9/14  Seeing   Fynn 
2/01  Seeing Him Within  Miguel de Molinos 
10/25  Seeing Single  Norman P. Grubb 
8/05  Seek God's Kingdom  Soren Kieregaard 
1/30  Seize the Banner  Gene Edwards 
4/26  Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness  Norman P. Grubb 
4/27  Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 2  Norman P. Grubb 
4/28  Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 3  Norman P. Grubb 
4/29  Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 4  Norman P. Grubb 
5/15  Self-improvement  Norman P. Grubb 
10/06  Slaves to God  Neil Carter 
5/05  So -- Evil is the absence of God?  Fred Pruitt 
1/24  So do we give up?  Cris Norris 
6/03  Soldiering For The Lord   Unknown 
7/14  Something Beyond  C. S. Lewis 
7/19  Spiritual Man is Mad  Chip Brogden 
2/28  Strong by Faith  Norman P. Grubb 
4/05  Suffering  Norman P. Grubb 
10/07  Suffering  Norman P. Grubb 
6/13  Suffering  Heinrich Suso 
11/15  Suffering  Gene Edwards 
6/19  Taken Over  Fred Pruitt 
3/22  Testimony - Rees Howells  Norman P. Grubb 
4/08  The "Choice"  Fred Pruitt 
3/26  The Abandonment of God  Oswald Chambers 
3/13  The Adventure of Adversity  Norman Grubb 
7/01  The Basis of our Community   Deitrich Bonhoeffer 
12/03  The Being Of God  Marvin Cope 
4/15  The Church Divided  John Collings 
7/21  The City of God  F.C. Happold 
3/12  The Courage To Be "I"  Soren Kierkegaard 
3/25  The Culmination of the Active Life  The Blessed John Ruysbroeck 
5/02  The Dandelion  John Fautley 
4/21  The Deep Things of God  Norman P. Grubb 
1/21  The Deeper Christian Life  Neil Carter 
1/03  The Divine Center  Richard J. Foster 
4/02  The Divine Indwelling  William Law 
1/27  The Divine Romance  Gene Edwards 
8/29  The Empty Pot  Derek Taylor 
10/16  The Eternal Will Unto All Goodness  William Law 
1/28  The Extremity of Faith  Soren Kierkegaard 
5/19  The Father and His Sons  Gary Light 
4/16  The Filter  John Collings 
7/30  The Giver  Peter Lord 
4/30  The Glorious Mystery: God Within Us  Clair Collinger 
12/24  The Glory of the Unlikely  Glenn Davis 
8/19  The Gospel  Norman P. Grubb 
9/22  The Gospel  Malcolm Smith 
7/04  The Grace of Wonder  Joshua Abraham Heschel 
2/14  The Greatness of Man  Blaise Pascal 
8/31  The Ground of Our Praying  Mother Julian of Norwich 1342-1416 
4/18  The High Places  Hannah Hurnard 
8/30  The Holdfast  George Herbert 
4/25  The Hound of Heaven  Francis Thompson 
12/29  The House of God  Gordon Bailey 
1/11  The Imprisoned Splendor  Robert Browning 
6/07  The In-Between  Michael Daniel 
7/03  The Inward Experience of Christ  James M. Campbell 
7/06  The Journey  Madame Guyon 
2/29  The Joy in Loving  Mother Teresa 
3/21  The Law of the Spirit of Life  Richard Plache 
2/04  The Less Distinct Way  Madame Guyon 
8/15  The Matchless Discovery  Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
6/05  The Measure of a Man  John Collings 
7/31  The Message of Francis of Assisi  H.F.B. Mackay 
8/04  The Message of Francis of Assisi   H.F.B. Mackay 
8/03  The Mountain of Despair  Dean Chicquette  
11/18  The Mystery of Godliness  Major Ian Thomas 
9/29  The Mystery of Union  Dan Stone 
7/12  The Mystery of Union  Dan Stone 
12/21  The One Church  William Law 
11/12  The Only Reason For Praying  Jacques Ellul 
7/07  The Only Way to Live  Bob Crawford 
6/28  The Overshadowing of God's Personal Deliverance  Oswald Chambers 
11/02  The Prism of Union  Paul Anderson-Walsh 
10/20  The Proof is in YOUR Pudding  Nick Cabbiness 
12/17  The Proper Use Of Reason  Jacob Boehme 
2/07  The Real Marriage  Martin Luther 
2/19  The Receiving of Faith  Norman Grubb & J. Gresham Machen 
7/28  The Salt of the Earth  Fred Pruitt 
12/11  The Sanity of Mysticism  G.K. Chesterton 
3/18  The School of Suffering  Soren Kierkegaard 
5/22  The Secret of Forgiveness  Corrie Ten Boom 
3/31  The Secret of Rest  Marshall Broomhall 
10/01  The Secret to the Christian Life  Gene Edwards 
1/10  The Shaping of a Disciple  Dale Martin Stone 
9/19  The Signature of All Things  Jacob Boehme 
6/08  The Simple Message  Fynn 
9/26  The Soul of the World  Simone Weil 
3/01  The Sufferings of Christ  Rees Howells 
11/08  The Sum of Our Loves  A. W. Tozer 
3/10  The Sword of Christ  Soren Kierkegaard 
7/02  The Three Stages of Self  Norman P. Grubb 
10/12  The Tree  Jon Ingham 
9/17  The Unrealized Reality  Richard Halverson 
12/22  The Unseen, Eternal Realm   Nancy Thompson 
2/10  The Virginal Unity  Jacob Boehme 
6/22  The Way of the Cross  Jean-Pierre de Caussade 
4/14  The Whole world a Sanctuary  A W Tozer 
3/28  The Will of God  Unknown 
5/17  The Will of God is Jesus  Steve McVey 
8/26  The Word of Faith  Norman P. Grubb 
3/02  There Are Only Two Intercessors  Rees Howells 
12/20  This One Thing  William Law 
5/04  This Thing Is From Me  Laura A. Barter Snow 
5/28  Three Quotes  Teresa of Avila - 1515 to 1582 
12/27  Time becomes Memory  Wendell Berry 
6/12  Tired of Being for Others?  Norman Grubb 
5/14  To An Unknown God  Acts 
11/23  To be a Saint  Frederick Buechner 
5/26  To Those I Love and Those that Love Me  Unknown 
5/13  Tomorrow Morning  Unknown 
8/28  Total Confidence  Bill Volkman 
9/12  Total Truth  Norman Grubb 
2/17  Tradition  T. Austin-Sparks 
4/20  Traditions  John Collings 
11/21  Transformations  Ole Henrik Skjelstad 
2/22  True Church  Kokiche Kurosaki 
9/20  True Faith  Jacob Boehme 
4/07  True Peace  John Fautley 
12/25  True Worship  Louie Giglio 
1/14  Truth  Rabbi Mordechai M. Kaplan 
12/06  Truth  Soren Kierkegaard 
9/18  Truth rests with the Minority  Soren Kierkegaard 
6/18  Two Kinds of Power  Gene Edwards 
7/18  Unfortunate?  C. S. Lewis 
11/29  Union With Christ  T. Austin-Sparks 
11/03  Union With Christ  James Stewart 
8/20  Uniqueness of the Gospel  Norman P. Grubb 
1/12  Valley High  Burt Rosenberg 
5/08  Victory is a Man  Chip Brogden 
5/21  Walking in the Light  Dan Stone 
4/11  Watchman Nee  Spiritual Authority 
10/28  Way of Faith  Norman P. Grubb 
5/18  We Are . . .  Dee Dee Winter 
10/17  We Can Only Know Him From Within  William Law 
8/11  We Cannot Save Ourselves  Molly P. Dulaney 
2/27  We Died  Galen Sharp 
12/19  We Have Been Shot  Robert Capon 
4/24  Weaklings  C. S. Lewis 
10/31  What a Blessing!  Dr. Lewis Gregory, Director Source Ministries 
3/27  What About Sin? -- Get Over It!  Fred Pruitt 
1/20  What are sins?  Dan Stone 
5/31  What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?  C. S. Lewis 
1/29  What is our Center?  Kokichi Kurosaki 
9/07  What is Victory?  Watchman Nee 
8/14  What it Means to Follow Jesus  C. T. Studd 
10/27  What Must We Do?  Alex P. Cohen 
6/04  What Our Prisons Are For  Fred Pruitt 
6/23  Where is God When It Hurts?  Philip Yancey 
6/24  Where is God When It Hurts?  Philip Yancey 
11/11  Who Is Praying?  Jacques Ellul 
2/21  Who Was Adam?  Galen Sharp 
7/09  Wholly in His Hand  Norman P. Grubb 
2/16  Wretchedness  Watchman Nee 
3/08  Yes  Dean Chicquette 
10/05  You Cannot Live in sin  Neil Carter 
10/30  You Say You Want Balance. . .?  John Gavazzoni 
3/29  Your Cross  Saint Francis De Sales 
2/24  Your God is too Small  J. B. Phillips 
6/11  Your Mind is not Your Nature  Warren Litzman