A Testimony of the Living God

By Fred Pruitt


I’ve always loved hearing others tell their stories of how God came through for them in difficult situations. One of the most wonderful things about living this life in Him and He in us, is that throughout life we experience our own stories, by which we learn not only the unfailing provision of God always for everything, but also how our struggles and victories are inspiration, teaching and comfort to others. And that is often much to our surprise, because when we were in the middle of living our story, the sense of the “divine” was often hidden in the everyday-ness of our situations. We walk around being just regular, normal human beings. Nobody usually sees a halo around our heads, least of all ourselves. And often the “deliverances” of God show up through very normal human means -- no big show, no bright lights, no booming voice from heaven, no angels -- but as just what we need in the current moment, in a seemingly “normal” package, which to the eyes of faith, is always treasure in an earthen vessel.

Here one of my stories:

Years ago I was been invited to speak at a conference in Kingston, New York, where my friend, Stephen Gozan, then pastored a local fellowship. I had also committed myself to speaking at a conference in southern California a few days later. The problem was, I only had a way to New York. I had no way to get from New York to California, since I had no money for the plane ticket. But I committed myself to going, spoke the “word of faith” that God would provide, and left the means up to the Lord.

The New York conference was great, as God met many in their hearts and minds. Though we don’t normally “pass the hat” in our meetings, after the conference was over someone put out a basket and mentioned those who gave the Word during the meeting. People started flocking to the front and dropping in gifts. It was only the barest suggestion, too, no arm-twisting, and in regard to me, not one word had been mentioned of my immediate “need” and the word of faith I had spoken in regard to getting to California.

But wouldn’t you know it, people gave very generously to all of us who spoke, and what was in the basket earmarked for me, was exactly enough to buy the plane ticket to California!

More than once people have told me these incidences are not miracles, but just coincidences. I answer, “Well, that may be, but in my case, the coincidences keep piling up, and it’s getting to be a big pile!”

That was years ago, but it continues the same today. We go where we are sent by the Lord, and trust that He provides the means to go, as well as the stuff for everyday living as well. And He does, everyday, all day long!

Today I find myself once again traveling by car all over the United States. The past year and a half, since by God’s call I left my job in order to spend my full time to take the reality of our union with Christ to the whole church in the whole world, has seen miracle of provision after miracle of provision. (And not a few of every other kind of miracle, too, I might add.) It would take too much time to tell of every instance when what I have needed, money, car, time, a person, has appeared at exactly the moment when I needed it. When I was in my “school of faith” days years ago, I listened to one of Norman Grubb’s tapes on the life of Abraham. Something Norman said hit me then and has stuck with me since. He said, (and he spoke from intimate personal experience), “When you live the life of faith, things just turn up.” I have found that to be so in every avenue of life.

What a privilege I am having during this time, as God has put me in the car with Dr. John Bunting, and together over the past 15 months we have been able to share the Word of God in Kentucky, Ohio, Ontario, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, and, most recently, Mississippi and Louisiana.

And this is just the beginning. As I write this (January 2007) we are getting ready for another trip to Georgia, Florida and Alabama, with many more trips in the works as well. And we are always looking to go new places and meet new people, and look only for the invitations to do so!

What joy we have had as we have visited with so many people in these places. And it just keeps growing and growing – not something for ourselves, but the Life keeps growing of itself, as we drive around the country being contagious for the Lord. We just go, and He does the doing, and we get blessed for it! What a deal!


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