The Cross in the Heart of God

by Alan Parker


Jesus enunciated a fundamental principle of spirit life when He said that except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it cannot bring forth life.

The only ultimate life there is in the universe is the life of God. He alone is self-existent. If we are to partake of that life, we must die to all that isn't Life. Everything in the universe must die and be born again of the Spirit. This is the meaning of'' "Behold, I make all things new." This has been the Father's plan ' for man the unique, created form and expression of the Father from the beginning.

The principle was set in motion with the Man, Adam. He was the representative head of us all. Adam had to fall, not because he was a reject or a defective creation, but because the dark principle must be stirred up and then put to rest before the light can come forth safely.

In the past several years, my whole understanding of why the cross is the gateway to union life sharing in the life of God has become much clearer. I have come to see that God Himself dies to everything but his self-giving self, which is love.

The crossing over between dark and light is, and always has been, from eternity to eternity, the cross on which the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the earth. The cross is the very heart of God, and the basis of why God is a safe God. It is why He "cannot lie," cannot be anything other than love. He has eternally died to the possibility that darkness can arise in His life.

And yet paradoxically, the entire principle of darkness has its foundation in the life of God. It remains unrevealed because He was willed to be a self for others instead of a self for self, by eternally dying to the dark, selfish principle.

Even more strange is the dialectic fact that love emerges from and is in union with selfish desire. Selfish desire came first, and to that God eternally dies. There is a cross in His heart And from this flash-point, life, which is true being, sheds forth light and love.

This is "always" happening in God's life, because it is an eternal fact. "Eternity" doesn't mean long, long ago or far, far ahead in time. Eternity means "no time." This means that the decision to die to the dark principle is forever set or determined in God. That's why He says over and over, "I change not" He cannot change. He is forever love.

The cross is the secret of God's life of love. He is eternally dying and being born again. This is why the historical Christ had to die on the cross. He died to the dark principle initially stirred up in Adam and passed on to all of mankind. But the cross was always there. It runs throughout time and eternity. What happened in the first century A.D. was merely the cutting of the tree to expose the inner rings of God's love that run throughout the whole tree.

The fact of the cross, which is now being made known to all men, leads to salvation. Jesus not only died all of our deaths, but also rose so that all of our lives could spring forth from the grave with Him. Apart from Him there is no life whatsoever, only death. Life begins after the cross, even in the life of God.

Accordingly, the cross is the gateway to union life. And yet, in a sense we never leave the cross! Because the cross is more than Calvary. Now that we have entered into union with God, we don't leave the cross: rather, tike the Father we now use the cross as the fulcrum or point of power in which the entire infinite might of the forces of desire are reconciled into light and love for others. This is why Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow me." We carry our cross with us in our walk with Christ the cross that God has in His heart not to suffer Physically necessarily, but to die to all negatives and spring forth as rivers of living waters in life anew. So we become light for others.

This dynamic power is fully in each of us as sons and daughters, royal princes and princesses. The full, dynamic process of the life of the Father dwells in us! There is an eternal depth in us, as an eternal "all" which contains and possesses all things, knows all things, is all and in all. We are ever the container, and He ever the "all."

On this father level, we are ready, prepared and equipped to speak the word of faith and bring to this physical plane all that the Father has prepared for us from the foundation of the world. These are the "good works" that He intended from the beginning that we walk in (Eph. 2:10). But all along, the cross remains our key.

How does the sun in the sky give light? It is continually dying to produce light. We don't see the death, or the dark contracting forces in this great star. We only see the light. But death is the key to the light. And that light is the life of our world in the physical dimension.

So also the Son, with the cross in His heart, is the daystar risen in our lives. We share in His eternal death and new life, for He is our very life and He in us is the light of the world that brings life to all men.