In Search of Love


by Marvin Cope


Every human being needs love, and we all want to be loved. As we observe the world around us, it is evident that the whole of mankind is engaged in a great search for love.


Humans crave union. This is the root of our longing to be loved. We are empty inside, and we seek oneness with others to fill the void.


Yet many who find a degree of love through relationships with others still experience that inner longing for something more. Being loved by others and loving them does not fulfill man's desire for union.


Humans are capable of love, but it is a finite love. It is limited by physical circumstances, and therefore cannot be completely satisfying. We cannot actually become one with others because of space-time barriers.


The answer to man's craving for love doesn't lie therefore in the realm of conditioned, fickle human love. There is just one answer to the human search: the profound biblical statement that "God is love."


Though flesh and blood can know only limited union, spirit can experience true-oneness. The Spirit of God can enter into the human person and form a perfect union. Paul spoke of this union as the "mystery ... which is Christ in you."


Jesus said that all men must be born again. We have been born of water - the physical birth which brought us into this world - and we must be born of Spirit. To be born of Spirit is to enter into a new dimension, the realm of the kingdom of heaven. It is in this dimension that we can know union. Jesus explained that to some it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom, and to others it is not given, thereby revealing that God can give this revelation to any individual at any time He wishes, right here in this physical world. Though the kingdom of heaven is not of this world -not of this space-time dimension in which our bodies function - we can live in the kingdom of heaven in spirit even while we walk this earth.


To be in the kingdom is to be united with Christ in spirit. "If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him." To belong to Him - to be in the kingdom - is to have the mind of Christ. And the Christ-mind is love.


As subjects of the King, we have His mind and think His thoughts. Every thought is brought into captivity, so that all we express is His mind of love. This is the "putting on" of the new mind of which the apostle Paul spoke. It is a daily education in a whole new way of thinking.

We receive the kingdom as a little child, with a totally receptive mind which is instructed moment to moment by the Lord Himself within. We no longer try to think our thoughts for God: the Lord thinks His thoughts through us.


For thousands of years men have rejected the Lord's personal communication with them. They rejected it in the garden, hiding when they heard His voice. At Sinai they asked that Moses hear God on their behalf and pass on His instructions indirectly. In Nazareth they refused Jesus, the Word incarnate.


To this day men want someone to receive God's words for them. They go to a book, or to priests to learn God's instructions. But still the Lord longs to speak personally to His children, with the mind of Christ within as the only mediator.


And some are learning to hear Him speak within. They have read His words in external form, gaining knowledge of Him through the writings of apostles and prophets. But now they are hearing Him speak His words within and "knowing" Him in spirit.


It is a new education. Our minds are enlightened by the mind 'Of Christ within. And He does not speak in parables and mysteries. There is nothing hidden to those who hear Him Within. He speaks plainly and clearly. They have no need of searching out His words, and seeking to discover His will; His instructions are in their hearts and minds continually. There is a never-ending flow of His thoughts.


These are the "commandments" which Jesus said we would walk in if we are in His love. They are not written laws, coming from outside a man. That was the old way. They are His thoughts for every situation in life - the mind of Christ springing spontaneously from within. This is the rule of the kingdom of heaven which has replaced the external rule of law - the mind of Christ, supplying His thoughts to equip us fully for the needs of the moment.


When we know what infinite love is - that it is God indwelling us through the mind of Christ - we are equipped to love. But until we know that God alone is infinite love, we can­not even love ourselves properly.


The mind of Christ in us is the love of God. In this union we enjoy being love. It is no longer trying to love this one or that one, as humans do. It is simply letting God love through us - the free-flow of His Spirit through the human vessel.


It is not only a new kind of education, it is a new kind of communication. We hear Him speak within. Then we speak to others what we have heard from Him - just as Jesus heard His instructions from His Father and then spoke them to others. But because we are one with Him in union, hearing and speaking His word is a natural, unbroken, spontaneous flow.

When we know that infinite love is God Himself indwelling us through the mind of Christ within, we become His com­municators. We speak His words to those who have His mind to discern them, and they are the words of love.


Each of us is a unique manifestation of Christ in human form. Together, we are the body of Christ - one body of infinite love. Just as Jesus' human body was broken for the life of the world, and His blood shed for the reconciliation of the nations, so we His spiritual body are offered as bread for the spiritually hungry and poured out as wine for those who thirst.


God gives us Himself eternally, and through us He gives Himself to others. His desire is our desire - that each may inherit now the kingdom that He has given for all to participate in.


"Behold, I make all things new." The Lord makes all things new by the inner revelation of the mind of Christ. Christ within us makes known the things of God and unveils the kingdom of heaven, as we receive His revelation by faith.


For the one who believes what is heard and revealed, the Spirit goes forth to manifest the kingdom in daily life. Physical substance and spiritual power unite as one for the son or daughter who has come into awareness of union with God. This is the process by which the Christ-mind will eventually unite all things, both earthly and heavenly, in one great union (Eph. 1:10­12).


But just as there will be one grand union in us and around us - the kingdom manifest - so already eternal life is realized in us. Heaven and earth are joined as one. We have a totally new life within us. Every detail of life is made new in Him. Seeing, hearing, speaking - all are new. And as we walk in awareness of this total newness, we are changed from glory to glory.


The mind of Christ in the high place of His sons and daughters is glory. This is the new Jerusalem, the new temple. No one who has put on the new mind can sit in the same old religious rut or pew year after year, never learning what Christ is doing or where He is working. To be born again is to see all things as new and to know -that His kingdom is here and growing. It is to be filled with an increasing awareness of His wisdom, His understanding, His faith and His love, knowing that we are to have our part in His work of making all things new.


If we really know the Lord, we can show Him to others. If we have found His kingdom, we can make it known to others whose hearts He has prepared, as He educates us and communicates through us.


We have communion with the Highest and desire to share it with all our brothers and sisters on this planet. As we are ful­filled, we long to fulfill. This is loving the other as we love our­selves.


While the world searches for love outside, from others who themselves are seeking union, we know that entering into union and experiencing love takes place when we understand the new way. It is Christ Himself, dwelling within living temples, the spiritual High Priest teaching and filling the individual from the inside with the good things of the kingdom of heaven.