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Dearly Beloved You-ness,

The way I got into dis bidness -- that is, the Peripatetic Truth-Spritzing Bidness -- was that when I surrendered my life to the Creator of the Universe, I read the Scripture that said, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant you the desire of your heart."
Wow! Now that's something right there.

But I wasn't entirely sure what the desire of my heart was. But I knew that there was something in my bones-&-being that I was created to express.

So, I said, "Why, I'd like to travel around the country spritzing truth, having some laughs with God's people, and inviting people who are not yet God's people to become God's people." And for about 25 years now, He's been letting me get away with it. So, for any of you agnostics and athiests out there, I believe this quite plainly shows that there must be a God. So that settles that. Now the philosophers can go back to trying to figure out whether we exist or not.

Big Shalom Galore to Your Heart,