From: "Bob Crawford"

To: "Linda Bunting"

Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 11:26 AM

Subject: Fred Pruitt's meditation on Psalm 10




This meditation is wonderful! You were so correct in saying "I live in your words", for He does--the living Word indwells our words just as He is in our thoughts, will, emotions, actions, and all that we are in Him. And we are joined to the one and only Person. What an awesome truth!

I'm having more learning experiences with my anger and other emotions being indwelt by Him. The death clothes are coming off by layers as He reveals His truth amidst the darkness of old lies. Condemnation doesn't follow as quickly as it did in the past, and when it does appear it only pushes me back to Him, helping me to recognize the snares I have unwittingly fallen in. Tenderness, purity, vulnerability, innocence, anger, love, hope, jealousy, desires, weakness, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, all emptied by His death/our death to the sin principle, are now new with His life, for His purposes in us. The very humanity that the enemy has used to separate us from Him in the lie of independence, now is redeemed with His union. I am becoming more fully human each day, unashamed, and alive.

Dialogue with the other counselor's around me continues and some are actually hearing me for they are voicing their disagreement regarding the freedom of the human will and our role in helping people change their behaviors. I am sure I sound fatalistic to them, but the change from bad flesh to good flesh is more diabolical in my mind than helping a person come to the end of their self-effort and find freedom in Christ. One has spoken to me to temper me from my zeal, fearing that I will sabotage the counseling process by my assertions for the need of Christ. Perhaps, but if I do, so does He and for His purposes. My mistakes are His for good and His for Good. I remember what you said about Jesus getting angry with the crowd he had previously fed. If God can weed out the crowds who followed Jesus than by all means He can do the same with those who come to me. He lives His life the way He only can live it and I am His.

I am eager to see you again just to be with you.

I am your brother!

Much love,