Precious Linda Lovely,

Thank you for sending anything and everything. I think this is a hard time, but thank goodness to God for His faith in His Son who is showing me His life and the love that He is about. I also can't be any more grateful or blessed than the Spirit in you expresses His love towards Himself in me. He knows just what we need to continue to walk in faith in Him. There are sooo many times that one would like to give it all up, and then along comes "whatever" that gives flame to what one might think as dying embers. The embers of self continue to die, with now small flames here in and there, but the fire of God continues to grow and grow. NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS OR FEELS. Isn't that something. He is indeed an awesome all encompassing God. How could it be otherwise

The other day I was on the christasus site and read and printed a piece by Dale Martin Stone, "When God wants to drill a man". My lord what a gift to me. I will cherish that piece until God presents another, but right now, like I told DeeDee it is like a good pillow to rest my head.

DD told me that Harriett had found that piece. Be sure to tell her I am grateful, it's been a God send.

Love always to you.