Dearest Norman,


                           I know that the Father in his Son in you

Has built a network of Sonís throughout His universe, and We

As sonís cannot be connected to any thing to be interconnected

To all things. In every situation Jesus never aligned Himself

With anything except the Father. Organization has always taken

The life of a son, not given it.


                           When we came to hear you we did not come to

A group but to a person operating as a Father giving life to the

Son within each of us leading us to that still small voice within

And persevering with each of us till it was the only voice we heard.


                           We come into this knowing as he takes us

One by one Ė the alone with the alone. He only is what we can be

Connected to in order for Him to be in us whatever He chooses.

Now we are ready to lay down our lives.


                           We are a family of sonís that will give birth

To a larger family of sonís.


                           This has always been the true Church.


                                                        MARTHA LEE ROBERTSON