Dear Florence,


It is so good to hear from you. And what a surprise! I remember your name so well, but cannot put a face with it. Are you a part of WEC?


I am afraid I cannot help you with Lanyon. I have only read bits of his writings. I do remember that the criticisms of him were that some thought him not to believe in Jesus, but a friend went through his writings and found a number of places where he clearly stated his belief.


 I am not surprised that there are folks who don’t believe in Jesus who have latched on to him. He sounds very New Age and that appeals to many…unfortunately he is too much in the “Reality of all things realm”…Spirit…to appeal to mainstream Christianity who talk about the Holy Spirit, but mainly live out of their self-efforts and an objective reality.


I am pricked by your comment about your husband. Has God given you the reality that although he may not…YET…believe in Jesus that “the light that lighteth every man” (John 1:9) resides IN your husband? Jesus is there…whether he recognizes Him or not. He will be lit…”Be it done according to YOUR word”. SEE only the Light in your husband and you will be surprised how God comes through!


Your son is fully in God’s hands. What is happening to him is a result of his actions AND your prayers for him. Each of us must be taken to a place where life no longer “works” for us and causes us to cry out to God. He is always there with open arms. It will be no different with your precious son.


I have had some really hard times over the years with my daughter. But you know what? I found that she has been “held” in those hard places for me…yes, for me! In them God has taught me many precious things of Himself and settled me into knowing how to “walk by faith, not by sight” and “calling those things into being that are not, as though they were”. She has been a lamb for me…as I am sure Leonard has been for you.


I will believe with you that God has your son and your husband in His love and will reveal Himself to them in new and glorious ways.


Much love,