Double Minded?

Dear _______,

Just a little addition to yours about being double minded...I  wondered if  you really understand that all of the independent self and seeing satan in another is just that. Understanding independent self is good, but it is only a piece of the total. To stay there brings unresolved conflict and destroys us and those around us. (Matt. 6:22-23) While it may be true for the one who has not received Christ, it is HARDLY the issue. The seed of Christ IN the unbeliever IS the issue. For the believer whose life presses us to faith,  THAT is the issue. We are pressed to faith to see God ONLY and call forth His life.

Our judgments bear fruit....either downwards or upwards. We DO lose or bind others by our seeing (judgment) of them. If we judge them as independent selves we hold them there and cause all sorts of pain between us. To judge with righteous judgement, as we are called to do, is to see beyond appearances, beyond flesh, to CHRIST ONLY.

Do you respond to another's seeing "wrong" in you or do you respond to another's acceptance, unconditional acceptance, of you? LOVE NEVER FAILS. It is the only thing that scripture tells us that never fails. NEVER fails.

I write this to myself also. I am very quick to have a negative opinion and the Spirit constantly jerks me back to the truth of God being all and IN all.

We are so entrenched in our judgments that it takes a mighty slap of the Spirit to shake us loose and then a mighty keeping of the Spirit to renew and retrain us. Within a very few hours of writing this to you I was in a real sticky situation regarding a friend. At a primal gut level I said back to myself the truths I had written you. It was wrenching but God saw me through and accomplished mighty and eternal things in the heavenlies for her.

I have seen that judgment KILLS. I have also seen in the past two years that LOVE NEVER FAILS. Things have dramatically changed in and for her since God said to me that I was to have NO OPINION of people...I was only to love them. Well, I was stunned when He said that to me because I thought I had always only loved, when all the time my judgments were SO hidden in my guise of "love".  I pray that anything I say to you, although it may prick you, will prick you ‘upwards’ for there is NO condemnation for those in Christ...that is YOU!