Ephesians 1 and 2 very clearly state what manís old state was and what his new being in Christ is. As you read through these drive your stake as to all God says is TRUE about you!


PAST . . .  were                             PRESENT . . .  are


dead in trespasses                                         loved


walking according to the world                 made alive with Christ


living in lusts of our flesh                            seated in heavenly places


by nature children of wrath                         shown the riches of His kindness 


Gentiles of the flesh                                      saved by grace


separate                                                           walking in His good works


excluded from Israel                                     now brought near


strangers to the promise                              at peace through Christ


with no hope                                                 made one with God


without God                                                  with no barrier


strangers and aliens                                     with no enmity between us and God


far-off                                                             made into one new man


                                                                        with access to the Father   


                                                                        fellow citizens


                                                                        built on the foundations of apostles and prophets


                                                                        a  holy temple


                                                                        the dwelling place of God