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This is a note responding to a forwarded message…one like we all receive…challenging the reader to spend more time with God.

Hi _______!!!

The real truth is that when we believe in Jesus and His work of the Cross for ourselves, then He becomes our very life. Paul says it several places…”For me to live is Christ”…”I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me…”…”Christ in you, the hope of glory”.

In Jesus’ last prayer before He went to the Cross He prayed that we may be one as He and the Father were. That is what His death on the cross, His resurrection and ascension accomplished. 

When we discover our union…oneness… with Christ Jesus then we know that 24 hours are spent with Him. We no longer have to make time for Him for He is ever-present! This is what the Catholic mystics (Catherine of Sienna, Theresa of Avilla, John of the Cross, and Rueysbroek) wrote about.

It is a wonderful existence! We are no longer condemned in our minds about not doing enough or being enough for God. He is well-pleased with us, because when He looks at us, He sees His Son in and as us! We are beautifully created in His image and then filled with His life!

Loving you,




My Dear ______,


I would love to pray for your family. My way of prayer is to find what the Lord is saying to you and I will support you in it. Is there something in particular happening? Your request has an urgency to it. Whatever it is remember there is NOTHING happening to you that is apart from God and His mighty love-purposes for your lives. He is always about revealing Himself and His Christ in new ways for us and for those who are in our world.

Yours in faith, DeeDee

Dearest _________ ,


This is your Official Permission Slip to be BLASÉ....towards your son or anyone and anything else. The bible calls it "rest". When it is time for you to be "in action" again about a person or circumstance, you can surely bet that you will be FULLY engaged. It is all HIS life being blasé or bearing pressure beyond belief. He is constantly causing us to walk in His ways.

Dear Gene,


It is a thrill to have your comments on the Norman Grubb website…and from a fellow Texan! I live in Arlington. I also met Norman through Malcolm. My meeting was in a bit of a round-about way. I came to see freedom from the law and my union with Christ through three scriptures from Malcolm’s Three Steps to Life tapes. He told me to get “God Unlimited” and the Union Life Magazine which had a Women’s Conference scheduled for the summer of 1981. I went and that is where I first met NPG. I had a wonderful thirteen year friendship with him before his “homegoing” in 1993.


 It is a wonderful life to be able to give permanent healing to the body of Christ as folks discover Christ as their true self. I was in an inner healing and deliverance ministry before God turned my world upside-down with those three scriptures…that I was dead in Ro.6, that I sat at the right hand of the Father in Eph. 1 and that God gave me the desires of my heart in Ps. In a nanosecond I saw that a dead man did not need healing…that Satan was not at the right hand of the Father and I no longer needed to fear or fight the devil…and that finally I could trust myself because my desires were His! I have never looked back and have never had to look anywhere else since that day of revelation.


There are those of us from all over the world who meet in Sept. each year in Louisville Ky. Sharing the truth of Paul’s mystery of the gospel. I am going to send you the information on an invitation from our hosts, Linda and John Bunting. This meeting has taken place each year since 1974 when Linda asked Norman if there were others who knew what he taught. Linda also hosts a website that I think you will enjoy.


Bless you and thank you for sharing your comments on the website!

Love in Christ,