A Question on Evil:


Got home to 185 emails and kept a number to write to in depth. Am just getting to do so. Reading yours, I was not quite sure whether it was a statement or a question, even though it had a question mark at the end.

To me evil is my seeing two powers rather than only God..."if your eye be single (God only) it is full of light, if your eye be double (God and...)". Is this to say that there are not "bad" things that happen? Of course, there are. But I either "see" them as from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (two powers...separation) or the Tree of Life (ALL in God).

I know you know these scriptures. Each one points to God as being the All and in all. Is. 45:3; Lam. 3:1-18; Amos 3:6; Joel 2:25; Jer. 42:10; Is. 45:6-7,54:16. These are only a few of the many that ultimately point to God as the ONLY power existing. It is a hard thing to face for us coming out of the fall with a severely divided consciousness...even for those of us who know union God spends many days, months and even years bringing ALL of our understanding of Him into the truth of Oneness.

For me it came when God turned my world upside down with three scriptures. God had perfectly educated me in an inner healing and deliverance ministry for six years when He "came" in a totally new way. In Ro. 6 I suddenly "saw" that I was dead and a DEAD man did not need healing. I suddenly knew my past and all it contained was necessary and right to bring me to the place I was that day. No need of healing those memories then! In Eph. 2 I "saw" that I sat at the right hand of God in Christ and that the devil was NOT there. I went from constantly fearing and fighting Satan to knowing GOD ONLY from that day on. And finally in Ps. that HE gave me the desires of my heart...and for the first time I "saw" I could trust myself because MY desires were HIS.

My only question now when HARD or BAD or EVIL....or whatever one wants to call those REALLY JARRING things...is "What are YOU up to, Father?"

This is the reality that I have lived in for the past 22 years. He has upheld me with this knowing through many dark times and so far it has not left me wanting for anything else. Even in the agony of a couple of months ago when we were told the day before surgery that Kim in all probability had ovarian and pancreatic cancer and I knew that meant a very short time here for her....I also knew that GOD meant it all and that her illness and death would be His opportunity for me to share this "God only" shocking glory with people the rest of my days.

If things change I will let you know, but I fully expect to go to my grave as Job and David saying "Even if YOU slay me I will trust You" and "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, let all that is within me bless His holy name."