Dear Fred,

I don't know how I got so luck but I praise the Lord that you have included me in your email study questions. Such a wealth of truth. I have not had a chance to study the latest as I would like, but just wanted at this time to thank you for sending it.

You said something about evil conscience is our accuser, which is my idea of Satan (the accuser of the brethren) Is that rather your concept also?

Thanks again.

Dear ______,

Thanks so much for your compliments. I'm delighted that you find my writings helpful. My only hope is that people will hear the Spirit somehow, and if a touch can be found in my ramblings then that is more than I could hope for.

Now, to your question regarding the conscience.

No, I have to say that I don't see the conscience as "Satan." Let me just reply in brief (you know how wordy I can be) about this.

First of all, in my recent piece on the Blood, I used the word "conscience" because that was the word used in the King James, to which I'm attached unfortunately, but a word that might have been more meaningful to contemporary ears would have been "consciousness."

"Conscience," while I'm hard pressed to give an exact definition, I would just briefly say that that is a part of ourselves that knows right from wrong, maybe the imprint of the law of God on our inner being. It is common to all mankind, perhaps part of the spark of God or seed of Christ that truly is in everyone. That's why we know, even in our dark days, good from evil, right from wrong. Paul speaks a good bit about this in the first couple of chapters of Romans. He even later talks about a "seared conscience," which is a conscience so used to evil-doing that it almost no longer hears the "thou shalt not" thundering within. In other words, people who have come to call evil good, and good evil. Reprobate mind, Paul calls it.

So in that context, "conscience" is a wonderful tool the Spirit uses to draw us to God, by the guilts we heap on ourselves for our misdeeds and evil thoughts.

The voice of the enemy is not the same as the voice of conscience, though I believe he uses that same faculty within us to continue to heap on us condemnation and self-loathing even after we have come into the kingdom. The enemy of our souls is not interested in our repentance unto righteousness, but to cripple us under condemnation so that even though we are in the kingdom, we can have little effect outside ourselves because we are frozen in our tracks, so to speak, by a wrongful focus on ourselves, as if we are still beset with sins and evil thoughts from our former days, as if we haven't been born again unto a "new hope," but that we are still the same people we have always been, and worse, because now we add to that "hypocrite," because we have been saying we are "new creatures" when plainly, as he points out, we are not.

That is the down-pulling voice of condemnation, that dogs most of us here and there. This is where we learn by faith not to heed that voice, but to trust God who is living our lives in His fulness, and to see ourselves as God sees us: "He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob, neither hath he seen perverseness in Israel: the LORD his God is with him, and the shout of a king is among them." (Num 23:21)

Conscience, as used by the Holy Spirit, is not "down-pulling" or condemning. It is still there as sort of our common-sense right/wrong meter, but if we were to be caught in a fault or sin, certainly the Holy Spirit lets us know through that conscience part of ourselves and we are led in love to repentence and cleansing.

When I talk of our "consciences" being purged of sin, what I am meaning is that when we walk in the kingdom of God, walking in the Spirit, living in the light as He is light, we do not sin, and sin is no longer part of us, either past, present, or future. We "walk as He walks" in this world, for it is HE walking by us. People see us, but it's Him. We no longer have to look to ourselves, to improve this or that, change this or that, get a handle on something or other, in order to become right enough for God to use us. No, the kingdom is ALWAYS NOW, and all that we are has been cleansed in His Blood so that we are PURE and HOLY in Him, NOW, and we look to no self-improvement course to get better, but trust Him as our Completeness and Perfection right now, today, as we are, period. And then, once we get "ourselves" out of the way, so to speak, the "rivers of Living Water" are then free to flow out of our bellies, being no longer dammed up by self-focus.

Anyway, like I said, I wanted to be brief, so I'll leave it right there. I greatly appreciate your correspondence and please keep it up.

All my love,