Reply to "Independent Self"

Something the Lord spoke to me as i was battling my own temptations was that, "the battle belongs to Me!" So just at the time i felt like i had lost the fight He spoke to reassure me it was never i who needed to win, but rather He is the warrior and a Mighty One at that. So then we must ask if the fight is not mine but His( meaning i can't lose or win) then can He ever lose? No way he is more then a conqueror. So within those times of dejection where i feel all is lost and i have been overcome by whatever it was i tried to fight, i need only remember who is on my side, whose battle it really is, and then i can have all confidence that He has not lost and greater yet that He never will. O what joy to know we need only "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." and that "while we keep quite the Lord will fight for us." Anywho just wanted to share a little, i guess it can be so easy to get down on ourselves like we had something to win or something to prove, but the truth is we don't even have anything to fight, we only need to stand still and see!

talk to you later,