Well praise God, Fred! Thank you!

Did you finally come out and say it or am I just now hearing it? I'm sure its the latter. This part of "...This Is My Body" is going off inside me like a quiet explosion, the "filling up that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ,"

I have been very slowly coming to the point of being able to hear this. I had quit asking (people) about "...that which is left behind of the sufferings of Christ"...also about "...the fellowship of His sufferings"

Who can explain it , even if they understand it, besides the Spirit of the Lord? You probably knew when I hounded you about this 2-3 years ago that I was not able to hear the answer at that time...Maybe you tried to tell me, but it was not my time.

"If we are found in Him, then we are no longer shut-in's looking out only for our own welfare. Our spiritual well-being, as well as our physical, emotional, intellectual "needs" are met in Him Who is All in all. It isn't about us anymore. It isn't about getting ourselves straight. It isn't about getting our needs met."

Honestly this is all very frightening and very consoling at the same time . Awe is probably the best description of what I'm feeling...to think what we've been called to and to begin to realize who we are.

Please don't ever stop writing. You know seeds take a while to come up. It just looks like its all dead...nothing... then life starts to peek out when you least expect it. I have to believe there are a lot of brothers and sisters out there who are starving for the truth contained in this and your other epistles. Some, no doubt, are ready to hear and others are at the fertile soil stage. I really appreciate the fact that you just keep on putting it out there for "whosoever will." It has to be a labor of love for you, because I know you get arguement and flack...I've given you a little myself. If you recall I started out with you with a little attitude, but it didn't mean I wasn't hungry. I was opposing myself, and I think you just overlooked that and tried to help.

Much love and gratitude for your part in helping me grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ,