The Abomination of Accomplishment

by Michael Daniel



The deception that plagues The Body of Christ today is overwhelming! For nearly two thousand years God and His Sovereignty over ALL THINGS has been swept under the rug in favor of human desires and aspirations. God has been reduced to "the servant" instead of "THE SUPREME"!


Who we truly are IN CHRIST has been replaced by religious poison. Total reliance on God is no longer necessary. Self provision and the; "I can do everything with enough self effort", has reduced "The Almighty Creator" to a mere helper of mankind rather than "The All Sovereign God of heaven and earth"!


The society of religion, just as the society of the world, (same thing), has placed so much emphasis on what we must do for God and ourselves that many have become mindless clones following anything and anyone. Whether it be religion, business, or personal, the abomination of self accomplishment has permeated every facet of our lives and we look to the externals of the world for fulfillment and identity instead of "The Internal Truth" of WHO WE REALLY ARE! It is revolting!


Religious and corporate pep rallies are being held continually, playing on emotions and feelings and "pumping us up" to make us believe self can do ANYTHING! All emphasis is on the LIE of the I. Self and self accomplishment. The glory in being able to say; "I DID IT MY WAY", leaves The Divine Doer of ALL THINGS completely out of the picture. We stand in awe of ourselves and the illusion of what we THINK we have done or can do. We'll make it happen or DIE TRYING! Then in the sad reality of all works of the flesh we reach THIS goal only to find that we are even more empty than we were when we started. So once again we start all over with another quest for success in and of the world and the result is ALWAYS the same. Enough is NEVER ENOUGH!


The fear of the Lord is just about obsolete. (Not being scared to death of God, but acknowledging His Awesome Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence)


Today, many of God's elect are so deceived, they deny who they are in Christ. Being brainwashed and manipulated by the lure of material lusts and self provision, even many of God's chosen are defecting to the gratification of self. Many are even denying their holiness and sainthood so that their worldly activities and desires are justified, not only to others, but to themselves. Exchanging "The Truth" for the lie that they are NOT "The Righteousness of God IN CHRIST"! DECEPTION RUNS RAMPANT and denial is the easy way out. Is it not true that to deny who we are in Christ is to DENY CHRIST HIMSELF? "Oh you foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?" (Galatians 3:1)


It is JESUS CHRIST that lives His life in us, through us, as us! HE ALONE accomplishes the Sovereign Will of God! HE ALONE is "The Doer" of EVERYTHING! It is CHRIST IN US that is our ALL, and through Him ALL IS DONE! Will we EVER trust our Father enough to consult Him about ALL THINGS before we plunge headlong into the bogus lie of bettering ourselves? Must we seek the way of the world and not "THE WAY" that IS CHRIST? Will we not simply say to our beloved Creator; "You are God and You know best. I surrender all. Whatever You have purposed for me is just fine. Teach me, guide me, and instruct me in ALL YOUR WAYS! I can do NOTHING apart from You!"


Could the answer to EVERYTHING be as uncomplicated as submitting to "The Will of God" just as Jesus did? Jesus Himself NEVER did one single thing for God! As a matter of fact Jesus never did ANYTHING! He thankfully and humbly acknowledged His Father's Sovereign Will saying; "I only do what I see The Father do. I do NOTHING on My own initiative!" NOTHING!!!


THIS IS DENYING SELF TO THE MAX! If it's good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for us. Well...SHOULDN'T IT?


To say that God doesn't want something to happen or that He merely allows this or that, reduces Him to a pathetic robot, succumbing to OUR wishes and desires instead of recognizing HIS SOVEREIGNTY in ALL THINGS! What God wants HE GETS, and what He doesn't want to happen NEVER WILL! HE IS GOD! Case closed! End of story! HE REIGNS SUPREME!


"Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you!" Where is The Kingdom of God? INSIDE YOU! Who lives in The Kingdom? God The Father! God The Son! God The Holy Spirit!


Which will it be? External or internal? Will you trust the illusion of self, or your TRUE SELF in Christ? The sweetness of surrender...or the abomination of accomplishment?