After the Fall

by Michael Daniel

The fall! MY child, why are you so afraid of falling? Why do you fear the very event that will enlighten you the most? Oh, I know the answer. I am asking you so you will ask yourself. Why do you fear the fall? Before the fall there is doubt, worry, guilt, jealousy, greed, confusion, fear and despair. Why is this so? Before the fall, there is you! Before the fall there is the illusion of self. The bold, blatant lie that you still exist apart from ME. The same lie that Satan told Adam and Eve is the very same lie that most of MY children are still believing today. The lie tells you that you are in control. That you must produce fruit. That you are your provider. That you make your own destiny. That your actions and words seal your own fate. That you are out of MY WILL. The lie tells you that you must always be doing to please ME. The lie even tells you that you have to do MY job for ME. The lie sets you up to fail and fail miserably every time you believe you are acting on your own apart from ME. Let ME ask you this. How did I make the world? I merely spoke it into existence. Can you do that? Can anyone else create? If you could, you wouldnt need ME would you? You do need ME. I however do not need you. Now dont panic. I want you. Thats why I chose you. All I want from you is your willingness, NOT YOUR WILL!

There is only ONE I AM and I AM HE! When you refer to yourself as to what you want or what you do or what you think, you are still believing that you are independent of ME. Have I not told you? Do you so quickly forget that I boldly proclaimed that I AM THE WAY! I AM THE TRUTH! I AM THE LIFE! I didnt say I am a way, a truth or a life. I AM THE ONLY WAY! THE ONLY TRUTH! THE ONLY LIFE! Anything apart from ME is death. You are a part of ME!

Do you not know that when I died on the cross, you died with ME? Do you not realize that this actually and factually happened? YOU LITERALLY DIED! If it were not so Paul and James and John and all the rest of MY servants lied to you. If it isnt so then worst of all, I lied to you. You know this is not the case. Also know that you as your old self exist no longer. You were crucified and buried with ME. To prove it to you once and for all let ME ask you this. Three days later, WHO came out of the grave? Was it you or I? IT WAS I! You stayed in the grave! Only ONE LIFE emerged. MINE! I AM YOUR LIFE! I LIVE MY LIFE in you, through you, AS YOU! Oh your fleshly brain may still have a memory of the old you, but that is all it is. A MEMORY! Memory is mere recollection of the past and the PAST IS DEAD!

I have given you all I have to give. I AM your provision. I AM YOUR EVERYTHING! All I have for you I planned and purposed before I ever created you. Even before the beginning of the world, you and all you would ever need already existed. How many times, however, have I heard MY children say, "well why wont YOU give it all to me now?" Well if I did what would you have tomorrow? What would you have for the rest of the journey? NOTHING! You have all you need MOMENT BY MOMENT! Not as impatience tells you, you think you need it. Child you do not even know what is going to happen one second from now much less from now on. Can you honestly tell ME you actually know anything that is going to happen in the future? I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS! I ORDAINED IT ALL! Rest child. Lay in MY HANDS. Trust and have faith in ME, not in how you feel. MY LIFE IS YOUR LIFE and I will not deny MYSELF ANYTHING! So why do you fear the fall? The fall is MY WAY of bringing you to the end of yourself. The fall is MY WAY of bringing you to the knowing that your old self is dead and that I AM NOW AND FOREVER YOUR LIFE! I will NEVER leave you or forsake you! To do so would be for ME to deny MY OWN EXISTENCE!

Run to the fall. Embrace the fall. Rejoice in the fall. The fall and all the stumbles leading up to it, I purposed for you. That you may have LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! MY LIFE! After the fall is assurance. After the fall there is freedom. After the fall is the peace of the moment. After the fall you experience ME! You know I AM YOUR ALL! After the fall!