This is being written from God speaking to me through a gaggle of ducks this afternoon in the park. HEY! Give me a break! I'm not nuts. He spoke through a donkey once. Donkey...ducks, what's the difference? Fir or feathers they're His ain't they? Besides...they both start with d! Okay, maybe I AM crazy but I'm NOT NUTS! Here we go!



by Michael Daniel


This afternoon I went to the coffee shop to write, and/or read, as usual. I just couldn't get into it. Something (or Someone) was making me uneasy and I knew the coffee shop was not where I was supposed to be. I made a couple of phone calls then got in the car and drove around a while. As I drove past a park I distinctly heard that "Small Voice" inside say, "Here. Stop Here. This is the place I want you to be." Why I kept driving is beyond me and, turning the corner, low and behold there was another park. Being the hardhead that I am I stopped, got out, and ambled to a table to read and contemplate. Immediately the uneasiness came upon me once more and, after sitting there maybe three minutes, I got up and tramped back to the car. "Okay God...where to?", I grumbled. You already know the answer don't you? Sooooooo back to the first park I went.


In my mind could see the table I wanted to sit at and when I arrived, off I went in great anticipation of a quite repose. I was almost to "MY" destination when all of a sudden I saw another area with table that was much more appealing, so making a full about face and feeling rather foolish in my unsure ness, I trudged on to the new oasis.


It was a beautiful spot, much more so than the place I had intended to relax in. I sat down and began to read. I noticed a family of four (Mom, Dad, and two little boys) fishing. Mom was in one spot and Dad and the boys were in another. Mom was the one catching all the fish and soon the boys were beside her having the time of their lives. Of course Dad wasn't about to budge. I was imagining what he might be thinking.


"She's just catching a bunch of babies. I KNOW this is the spot. I can smell it. If I just stay here long enough, no doubt, the GRANDDADDY OF ALL FISHES will show up and he'll just HAVE to take MY bait. After all...I'M MACHO MAN!!!"


Well, needless to say, it didn't take long for him to abandon "HIS" spot and join Mom where the REAL action was.


Then...there were the ducks. Lots of ducks. I mean lot's and LOT's of ducks! They took absolutely no notice of me. They were where the crowd was. People were feeding them bread and everyone was laughing at them as they greedily gobbled up each morsel. I couldn't help being amused at their goings-on.  I had read for almost two hours when all of a sudden I casually peered over the book to see every one of those ducks coming straight for me. The others had deserted them, and seeing that I was the only one left, the little quackers were waddling their way to me in great anticipation of delectables that would better satisfy their hunger.


As they approached I could easily see the excitement in their eyes. Once again my imagination kicked in. (Reading ducks minds is easier than reading human minds.)




They hastily arrived and, in their particular version of "Saturday Night Fever", they boogied around me for about a minute and a half.


As if they could understand me, I kept telling them I had nothing for them to eat. I did, however, invite them to stay. I was truly enjoying their company and their antics. I REALLY wanted them to stay! Then, without even so much as a thank you they declined my invitation and, with drooping heads, they slowly and pitifully waddled off to find new and possibly more promising providers. I was saddened a bit. I wanted their company. Well, maybe another time. I was certain I would return to this spot and the invitation would still stand. Then "That Voice" whispered:


"How quickly they turned from you. They came quacking and dancing and flapping their wings, displaying all manner of abilities, in hope of reward. They did everything they could to get you to feed them, but very soon discovered, that YOU had nothing for them. Nothing but the desire for them to stay. You loved them. You wanted them. THEY, however, didn't want you. All they wanted was what you could provide for them. All you wanted was to give them YOU. Been there, done that. Still there, still doing it. It saddens me to say that I don't get many takers either. They want bread. What they REALLY need is ME. I Am the Bread of Life! I Am Living Water! ME! Just Me."


After all the dancing is done and the hips are thrown out of place; after all the flapping has flopped and the arms hang limp; after all our begging has boggled us; after we've gone everywhere we THINK we want to and done all WE can; after we have done all WE can to provide for ourselves; after we have become winded and collapsed from all our mindless, meaningless busyness; oh well...maybe I am nuts after all.