Inside Him . . . Inside Us

by Michael Daniel

Eyes strain to see HIM. Ears long to hear HIM. Voices cry out from despair's wilderness. Arms awaiting HIS embrace, ever reach for HIM. Legs run here and there, growing more and more weary. Searching ... searching. . . searching. Purposed blind, we see nothing. Bewildered ears hear only HIS deafening silence. HE chokes us, and not a sound is uttered. Numbed arms hang limp at our side, having not strength for the flicker of a finger. Legs broken by HIS merciful blows move no more, and at last ... at last the inevitable collapse.

Into the emptying HE plunges us. Agony! Relentless agony in the realization of the nothingness we are. The world is nothing. Self is of the world, and therefore nothing. In stark contrast to HIM, nothing of the world matters.

Broken! Utterly broken, the heart cries. The heart weeps and wails and moans, and the tears fall. The tears fall and from the nothingness, the brokenness, we turn inward. INWARD! We turn inward to HIM and in amazement and triumph we see HIM at last. We hear HIM and HE hears us. We reach for HIM and feel the embrace of HIS LOVE. We stand still and then ... HE moves. HE moves! HE MOVES!

LIFE! LIFE from the nothingness. LIFE from the brokenness. We turn inward to HIM and know that within us, HE is LIFE! The WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE! THE ALL IN ALL! In HIM we live and move and have our being. The kingdom of GOD is within us. We are ONE in HIM and joyously we dance. Oh, the rapture of the dance. We dance in eternal celebration in HIS SPIRIT for we truly are ONE.

Inside HIM . . . Inside us!