Our Reactionary God . . . Not!

by Michael Daniel


I just know if I pray long enough, hard enough, often enough, sincerely enough, loud enough, proud enough and sitting on a cloud enough God will give me everything I want.


If I read my bible enough, have quiet time enough, be obedient enough, win souls enough, do what God wants enough, look like Mr. Buff  ‘n Stuff enough and run around like a chicken with my head cut off enough, God will do exactly what I want Him to.


If I'm in church every time the doors are open, teach Sunday school, sponsor home group, visit the nursing home and hospitals every week, go on every retreat, rededicate my life on a daily basis, tithe, sing in the choir (even though I couldn't carry a tune in the belly of an oil tanker), heal the sick, raise the dead and drive everybody right out of their heads, God will just have to say, "Boy, I am impressed.  You win a cookie!”


God just can't do anything by Himself.  I'm the only hands He has. I'm the only eyes He sees through. I'm the only ears He hears through. I'm the only legs He walks with. Mine is the only big mouth He speaks through.  God needs me to do His job for Him. That's why He made me!  Isn't it? Well, isn't it?


If that's the way it is . . . if this is the way things truly are between God and us then God help us all!


Nothing could be more egoistic.  Nothing could be more arrogant. Nothing could be more selfish and nothing could be more ridiculous than to think that the Almighty Creator of the Universe needs us for anything.  It may be a shot between the eyes but it's high time we realize the truth. We are totally helpless without God not the other way around. We act and then God reacts?  Preposterous!  If we must do something in order to earn what God has already ordained for us, well that's more like “Let's Make A Deal.”


God has a specific purpose for each one of us.  After all, He did say, “I knew you before the beginning of the world . . . I have purposed your steps.” Yet here we are in all our selfish emotion, praying to God to give us this, or to change that.   If I don’t have it I’ll just die.  I just can’t stand the way my life is.  Fix it now God! Right now!


So once again we petition our Creator with the plea of, "If You’ll do this I know I'll be happy. Grant this thing and I can serve You better than ever. Just give me this and then watch my smoke! If I do more for You, You’ll do more for me so glory hallelujah I'll get to it so You can God!


I've already done a whole lot for You, haven't You noticed? Really I have so now it's time for You to do for me. Hello God! Hey God! Yo God where are You? What's the matter God haven't You been listening to me? Ain't You been watching me? Why I'm better than James Bond, Superman, The X-Men and all the others put together. As a matter of fact God just how have You gotten along without me?


Do you think there is something a little bit wrong with this way of thinking? This sounds more like a tennis match. We hit the ball to God and He hits it back exactly where we want Him to so we will win every time. We flip His switch and His Light comes on. We pull the strings and He does the dance. Oh, He is the Dancer but there are no strings attached to God or His unconditional love and grace!


Who came up with this lunacy?  Whose idea was it that we have to do before God will do? Who put conditions on the unconditional? Could it have been the great deceiver? The father of lies? The one who said, "if you will but eat of this fruit you will be like God!" If you will just do this you'll be this. Do this and you'll have that. Conditions, conditions, conditions!


Satan told himself the greatest lie that could ever be told. "I will be like God!" How utterly foolish and yet we give power to the biggest liar of them all. We are more worried about what Satan could do than what Jesus has already done! Satan has been defeated. Past tense. The war has been won! Satan's false promises are always conditional. 


God chose us we did not choose Him! God purposed us we did not purpose Him! God created us we did not create Him! God wills us we do not will Him and God moves us, we do not move God!


There are no ifs with God. There are absolutely no conditions on His unconditional love and grace and there are no conditions on everlasting life!  Simply believe and receive.


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" He gave us His Son. We don't bargain for Him!


"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! I am your Life. You act then I react? Not hardly! You in Me and I in you acting and reacting together as one for we are one! My Blood was shed and made it so! There is nothing you need do for Me! Lay in My Hands! I will do for you!"


Stop trying. Stop striving. Simply be!