The Ride

by Michael Daniel


"Oh Heavenly Father reveal to me what You are doing. Let me understand why You have me in this situation so that I may cope and be more at peace about it all"


How many times have I prayed that prayer? How many times has God revealed these things to me as He was doing them? Not once! Why should He?

I would not have had, nor will I ever have the slightest clue as to how or why God works. I'm not meant to. If I knew all the answers to all the questions, this life would be so boring; it wouldn't be worth living.


God finished his plan before the beginning of the world. He knew us before we were even conceived. His plan is complete. He is fulfilling His purpose every second of every day. The purpose for which each one of us was so fearfully, wonderfully and uniquely made.


Do we really want to know everything? Should we understand?


Have you ever been in line for a brand new ride at an amusement park? Excited and eager you await your turn. Then suddenly you are at the front of the line. You step into the cart and strap in; heart pounding, full of anticipation for the thrill of the ride. Not knowing what lies ahead, totally uncertain of what will occur during this experience, you become anxious and fearful, but you rest in the hope that the One who constructed this mechanical miracle knew what He was doing and did it well. Everyone screams as the journey begins. The speed ever increases as you twist and turn. Almost being jolted out of your seat you hang on tighter and tighter as you bolt your way through the unknown. Out of nowhere a black hole appears and the uncertainty magnifies as you enter the abyss. You are surrounded by total darkness. What seems an eternity however is only a few brief moments. In an instant you are blinded by a brilliant light. Your eyes focus and once again you can see dearly. You have reached the pinnacle of the journey and the sights and sounds are most wonderful and exhilarating. You never dreamed the experience would be so incredible. Your senses reel as the cart slows. Then as suddenly as the ride began, this chapter is complete. You leap out. With your feet planted firmly again on solid ground, what do you do next? Well, if you are like most of us, you get in line again or move on to the next ride.


You are now better prepared, more confident, and much stronger to face the challenges of the rides to come. You made it safely because the workers did their job and you were strapped in tightly. God is real. He, is constantly doing his miraculous works, purposefully keeping us guessing so that we must rely totally, completely and continually on Him.


When we become little children, loving unconditionally and believing in God unquestionably, we receive a most gracious gift. "The peace that passes all understanding." So don't trust your mind. It can and often will play tricks on you. Just lay in God's hands. He will fulfill His purpose. He has done His job well, and continues to do so. He has you safely strapped in.  Just hang on for the ride!