The "Storm" Before the "Calm"

by Michael Daniel

God annihilates the illusion of the false self that so plagues the vessel.  From no other source but The Holy Spirit of the Living God within, He plunges to the depths of the darkest recesses within the vessel. The "I" must die! Oh how determined is humanity to destroy the Creator! At all costs self must war and protect itself against God! But death God has purposed, and death it shall be! The dark night has begun.

Death is not something that is being accomplished. It is something that has BEEN accomplished. "IT IS FINISHED!" Nevertheless, in its humanity, the vessel has long believed that it is significant. It believes, in vain mirage, that it has a roll to play, that a deed must be done. It has convinced itself that the vessel is equal to the Contents, or so the feeble thing keeps telling itself. Such deception! Such lies it tells itself, yet God will have none of it.

FIGHT the vessel must! Its value is too great! It assures itself in impotence and arrogance that the creation is exalted above the Creator. But alas it knows. It KNOWS its fate, yet struggle it cannot help but do. So deeper and deeper the Contents must dive into the container and more and more of the lie of self is expurgated.

With agonizing screams and tortured wails humanity hangs on. It hangs on and on and on with relentless tenacity and declares to God with a vengeance; "YOU WILL NOT WIN"! It vomits the lie time and time again, but it knows. It secretly knows it is finished and yet over and over it attempts to rise and conquer.

The lightening flashes. The thunder rolls. The Storm of God, with such purposed voracity, drives the hideous, heinous self to the lowest abyss and the fear and trembling of the frailty and fragility of humanity faints and is buried in the sepulcher of non-existence. It cannot know anything. It cannot feel anything. It cannot see anything, nor can it hear or taste or touch or smell, for it is as dead as hell itself. The seed has fallen into the earth and died.

The "Tree" bears much fruit...from the "Storm" before the "Calm".