Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 22:44:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: nick cabbiness
Subject: The Cross and its Operation
To: ___________

Hey, thanks for last night's talk.  It was good.  And I needed that kind of feedback (I don't get too much of that around here).  As for your letter, I agree with what you're saying, nothing is more precious than the Cross and for a believer to come to actually love its way, is a sign to me of coming into the real Heart of God and what drives Him.  There is one new inclination in me these days, however, concerning it.  That quote you read last night from Penn-Lewis talked about the possibility of being too heavy on one side or another, death or resurrection.  Of course, we know there is no such thing as a balance between the two, in the human sense of the word, because death and resurrection are both, by their intrinsic nature, extreme.  We go with the season of which ever, how ever long or short that season might prove to be until there is that flash of revelation that the Cross brings proceeding both out of the negative as well as out of the clear sea of freedom.  It is never limited by the negative, but rather, seen rightly, enjoys it, trampolining from it and landing into the situation with the very Life of God.  And so, what I'm attempting to say here is that as that enjoyment becomes greater by faith, does not our overall perception of life in general become preeminently positive?  If the negative is as we said, a "friendly" one, then the problem is a part of the answer!  And I think out of that our operation of the Cross in some sense becomes more correctly its operation of us!  Another way to say it would be if there is a smidgeon of self-loathing still left in us, then the operation of the Cross will in some sense fall short of its total consummation and purpose and even fall into religious byways.  I know you will not interpret my use of "positive" in any sort of "positive thinking" way (uuuugghh!).  No, this is a positive that need not be evasive of its negative, but woos and ultimately mates with it, so convinced is it of the Original Relationship between the two.  Anyhow, that's where I'm seeing things from these days. . . the ISNESS of God.  Let me know what you think.