Dear Nick,                                                              

I am late in answering your good letter, as I'm only now back from a 2 1/4 months tour of visits and groups on the West Coast.  Touches of the Spirit everywhere of course.

I see you talk of going to live "on the streets": but I must take it this Lubbock address will find you.  Yes, I will hope to be with you next Fall.  Yours is the address I will use to make contacts for Lubbock.

I think the Scriptures must not go beyond the "you ought" level except by many hints for those who can "see," and evidences in plenty of Bible lives, because the moving-in to experience where "you ought" has permanently become "you are" can only be by our faith-choice.  It is then we who turn the "ifs" (If we walk. . ) into "since we are walking. . . ".  It is only by the Spirit's eyes that the whole Bible to us becomes a book of "YOU ARE" and you read every exhortation as positive "Yes, I am."

And sanctification is a finished condition of our BEING, for HE is that to us - 1 Cor.1.30.  This is where the acid test of the reality of the replaced life in us (we who were walking Satans now being Walking Christs) is seen; for when we know ourselves as He, we have moved right on from progressive sanctification (cutting out the word "progressive") to involved intercession.  Thus, those who haven't crossed that Rubicon by the Spirit confuse Paul's "not that I have already attained or were already perfect" in Phil.3.12 with Paul's sanctification, which he had left far behind as a finished fact in his first phrase of 3.8; and his reversed absorbed attitude as intercessor begins by his last phrase of that verse; and thus all his perfecting is concerned with the completion of his "high calling" as intercessor.  The same as Jesus who was All in his confirmation at His baptism, yet went on to say He still had an unaccomplished baptism (lu.12.50).  So don't let those who think they have it all by outer Scripture confuse you and pull you back into those law-ways.  No, all is now involved in intercession, including weaknesses.

Yes. spirit is we - Knowing (mind-set), loving, choosing (will).  Soul is the reasoning faculty which seeks to interpret the Spirit mind-set, and of course emotions expressing the love-being.  Most seem to have this mixed.

"Inner man" of Rom.7 of course is the only "real man" --spirit-man!

So, glad to chat with you, and write again.  I rather think I sent you this on "soul-spirit" but enclose in case not.

The Sept-Oct issue of Union Life Mag is a masterpiece on lamb-intercessors.

my love,