The Problem of Duality -- Good and Evil

by Norman Grubb

From: "The Deep Things of God"

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the taking of whose fruit destroyed fro humanity the single consciousness of good and replaced it with the divided consciousness of good and replaced it with the divided consciousness of these two opposing forces, opens a window, I believe, into the very structure of life as we know it: how it was made to function, how it has gone wrong, and how it must be restored.


Life, as known to us, is universally duo form; we can conceive of no other basis to all knowledge, sensibility, and activity. Every known thing has its reverse side, and is only known by contrast with its reverse. We see it in positive and negative, light and dark, male and female, bitter and sweet, and so ad infinitum, right up to God and man. These pairs of opposites are not enemies, but friends; each pair is one unit, the one in each pair being the mate of the other. Each is necessary to the other, just as much as each is indissolubly part of the other. Their interplay, their union, the one with the other, but in the right proportion of each, is the source of all manifestation. Thus the mingling of sweet and not-sweet (bitter) in their varying proportions produces all the varieties of taste. The shining of light on solid substances which are not-light (darkness) produces all the beauties of form and color. The friendly opposition of positive thinking in one direction to negative thinking in all other directions makes all the decisions of life; for if we yes to one line of action, it is because we are at the same time saying no to all others. If we love one thing, it is because we hate any other things opposed to it. It is what philosophers have named the dialectical relationship, the thesis and its anti-thesis, which form the synthesis. But what has to be noted is that in all the infinite number of pairs of opposites the positive is the dominant, and the negative the dominated element; the positive is the male nature, the negative the female.


In their love union the female’s relationship to the male is that of submission. She is necessary to him, to receive his seed, and that his child may take form in her womb, but the child born is his child, and takes his name. Look again, for instance, at sweet and not sweet (bitter). Sweet is the dominant, the positive, the male element; but all varieties of pleasant tastes are only in existence because the sweet is mingled with its opposite, its female, the negative, the not-sweet (bitter): the not-sweet gives proportion and reality to all these varieties. But the sweet is the dominant factor, the male, and all these varieties are its children. In yes and no, when a decision must be made, yes must be the dominant; but to make the positive decision, there has been a union with the no to all other possibilities; the all-embracing negative has been the mother which has given form and birth to the one positive.


In all these pairs, each opposite being part of its one whole, there is no disharmony; they are as husband and wife to each other, their interaction, each in its right proportion, reproduces their children of form and taste and color, of deed and word, in fact of all manifest life. Polarization, the interaction of the positive and negative electrical forces in the atom, is the same principle in the basic structure of the universe. God and man are, by the grace of His creation, in the same relationship. Without His opposite, his creature, the female to His male, the wife to the Husband, the body to the Head, He cannot manifest Himself. He is the positive. We are the negatives, the not-God. Joined to Him in rightful submission, we die to ourselves, we say no to ourselves, and in doing that, His seed, which is Christ, is sown in us, formed in us and reproduced by us. Here the union is complete. It is symbolized for us in Scripture in the Head and body, Bridegroom and bride relationship of Christ and His church.


But the trouble has been in that one form of the negative creation in which there could be a potential disunity with it’s positive, for it has intelligence and free will --- angels and men. Here something has happened which has vitiated and disordered all the properties of life, and turned harmony into disharmony. The negative has opposed itself to the Positive, rivaled it and rebelled against it.


Indeed these “negative” created beings have acted as if they could exchange places with their Positive, and the creature act as the Creator, the female as the male. That has meant that the activities of the rebel negatives have had to be given positive names. What should be just a negative not-good has become positive evil. Not-light has become a positive power of darkness; the creature, who is the not-God, has been perverted and become a positive devil. That is why we come to regard evil, darkness, hate, lust and so on as positively bad things, and they are called that in the Bible. They are bad and eternally bad, and produce their eternally bad fruits, and have their eternally bad sphere of existence in God’s outer darkness and lake of fire. But in their original form they were merely the negatives of their respective positives and positive evil was meant to be non-existent.


The created beings, angels or men, should have been saying: “We are the not-good, not-God, not-light, not-wise. We know our emptiness (not-fulness). Knowing that we are the negatives, we delight to be filled with the one who is the Positive, the good, the Wisdom, the Light, and that in and through our not-fulness He will manifest His fullness. We will be female to His male, receive and reproduce His allness, His beloved Lon, through our nothingness.” The obedient negative, in other words, instead of remaining a submissive emptiness to be filled with the Positive, the living God, was changed into a harmful, virulent, active so-called positive rebel.


That has necessitated God’s declared and manifested “no” to all that is the active opponent to Himself. His “yes” to all love, goodness, and light – the characteristics of His own self-giving self – has necessitated His “no” to this rival kingdom of evil, to His created beings who, instead of accepting their created condition of not-fulness to be filled by Himself, have changed themselves into self-loving selves, with the negative characteristics of not-good, not-love, not-light, becoming positive evil, lust and darkness. This “no” of god is His necessary hate of and judgment on all these perversions, the not-true, not-real (in its final essence), not-righteous, and His hell for those who persist in their blind delusion that the false is a form of truth and the darkness a form of light, and the non-real a form of reality. To such, hell will be real indeed through all eternity where they dwell in the dark fire of their rebellious negative natures.


In this way division and opposition has arisen between the Creator and His created beings, and it has spread through and infected all the creation. That is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We live in a divided world.