It is so easy to miss the point of attention directed towards us when we have a shred of a separate life in our consciousness...because then we think that we are getting attention instead of Christ. But the truth is it is Christ getting the attention as us. It is the Father's pleasure to direct people toward you...doctors, nurses, brothers, sisters, neighbors, relatives, friends etc. because in interacting with you in this, He is able to share His life through you. It may be a hug; it may be sharing your faith; it may be just a "Thank you" or a smile; it may be sharing that God is in control of this; it may be just knowing another's pain they are carrying in their back, or wherever. Your pain is THE purpose you know a number of people you otherwise would not know, and they, you. You will only know on the other side the ones you eternally affected while being the sweet savor of Christ to them.


But the point is that YOU...each jot and tittle of you...are wholly Him and worthy to have ALL attention drawn towards Himself/You .  You are then free to take the attention with a wink...God's little joke.


You are right when you say that it is futile to focus on your own pain. I found this out with my head. I usually feel better if I am otherwise occupied. The headache does not go mind is just busy elsewhere.


There a couple of other scriptures that I think apply to pain of all sorts. One is that Jesus was perfected by the things He suffered...the Perfect One perfected????? Sounded crazy to me at first until I saw that it was His looking to the Father...His faith and trust that were perfected. God will do no less for us! The other is about the pot and the Potter. He made our bodies as they are. Everyone's has its strengths and weaknesses.