Who Was Adam?

by Galen Sharp

Now here is where Adam was especially unique--his spirit. His spirit was the container for the awareness of God or divine life; in other words, he was in direct awareness of the person of God. And in God was Adam's own personal identity. His self-awareness as well as his awareness of the rest of creation was mystically linked with God's awareness. He knew himself in and by God's own awareness of him. His true identity was in God and with God--he was a son of God.

Yet to come to the most extraordinary, yet most logical, part of all. This is what made Adam God's most precious creature. It was the thing that completed the person of Adam--''the breath of life.'' This was not just the biological and animal sentient life, but the essential identity of Adam, which was his divine or eternal life. This identity, remember rests in and depends upon God himself and his knowing of Adam. Since Adam's true life or identity was in God and with God, then God, rather than Adam's body or soul only, was Adam's frame of reference for every thought and action done in the body. The divine life in the spirit was expressed through through the soul life, which was in turn expressed through the biological life--the body. Thus Adam had a biological life, a sentient life--but that is not quite Adam--for he had a God life, so that it takes Adam's life (true identity) in god living in and through is own unique spirit, souls and body to complete the total, real Adam.

taken from The Present Kingdom of God by Galen Sharp