Christ As Us
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These personal testimonies are shared that God might be glorified in that which He has done in the lives of His people.

God works in unique and novel ways in each individual's life, so do not attempt to imitate what He has done in the lives of others, but just be the unique vessel of the divine expression of Christ as YOU.

Marla Baum

Linda Bunting - Louisville, Kentucky

Bob Crawford - Columbus, Ohio

Amy Dagnell - Southampton, England

An New Vision for an Old House

Tedworth House

Daphne Handford - England

Bette Ketcham - Bowie, Maryland

Dina - Russia

Don Merideth - Missouri

Mrs. C. T. Studd - England about 1885

Ken Walker - Australia

Pam Ward - Southampton, England

Hariett Wearren - Louisville, Kentucky

DeeDee Winter - Arlington, Texas

If you would like to share your testimony for possible inclusion on this site, send a copy to Linda Bunting at