A New Vision for an Old House

The Tedworth House

by Amy Dagnall

In 1978 I first came to know Gal 2--20 as a reality in my life God was showing me that the life I now live is Christ . I had spent many years trying and failing to become a good Christian . God brought a magazine to me called "Union Life". I began to see I was not meant to live this Christian life only Christ can do that as me. The more I grew in awareness of Paul's mystery Christ is my life, the more God brought to my mind all the thousands of Christians trying and failing like I did. The Holy Spirit started weeping through me. It would happen anywhere at anytime, it was like a tap turned on, I could not stop weeping, it usually went on for about 2 hours at a time . While I was weeping I could see all the faces of Christian so desperate in so much pain , I felt like my heart was breaking, I felt like I wanted to change places with those dear ones . When the weeping stopped, I felt a real sense of peace, but I didn't know how to help all those desperate ones. I met dear Norman Grubb in 1979 he told me that those tears were all good tears, they were intercessory tears. We talked about bringing the desperate Christians to an awareness of who they really are. Norman talked to me about C.T. Studd his father in law. He told me C.T. was living at Tedworth House when he was born again the same day as his brother.  Norman took us to see Tedworth House
He told me C T had given up all his wealth to God and went to Africa to bring the good news to all the dear black people.  I talked to Norman of "somewhere" that Christians could come to find the truth.  We had this desire.  I was asking God to bring to our attention where He wanted us to have this place . My husband Fred came home one day and said he had been working in the village of Tidworth, he drove past Tedworth House and thought about that place . He told me when he got home . God began to show me that C.T. had put all his wealth in Heaven and here was God putting Tedworth House in our minds . We have been to see Tedworth House we have claimed it for this work that God is doing .

God showed me in the scriptures Job 21--28 "Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and the light shall shine upon thy ways". Mark 11--23. "For verily I say unto you . That whosever shall say unto this Mountain be though removed , and be cast into the sea , and not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass , he shall have what ever he saith ". When Linda , Dee Dee , Harriet , and Mary come over to England a group of us all went to Tedworth House . We walked around and thanked God that he has already given us this place . We believe God will open up the bank of Heaven and shower it down . God told me in 2 Cor. 4--18 "to call those things that be not as though they were", John 7--24 "we look not at appearances but at Spirit reality". We know that in Spirit God has agreed with us and it is done . We wait for it to be manifested in Gods time.
God has been preparing dear ones in England, and they are coming to know that for them to live is Christ . We are all standing in faith for that great day. Gods timing is perfect . If the Holy Spirit moves in you to stand with us all. Then believe with us . Romans 10--8. " But what saith it? The word in nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that is,  the word of faith, which we preach.

Amy and Fred Dagnell
Southampton England