Testimony of Ken Walker,

Melbourne Australia


Let me begin my testimony with this photo of myself with Linda Bunting and Dee-Dee Winter.   It is taken in the dining room of the Sandringham Hotel  near Melbourne, Australia. We had our heads and hearts in scripture for the afternoon, after eating together.   Although it is a simple photograph of three people, for me it is indicative of a whole new way of life.  Let me explain.  In March of 2001 I received an email from Linda saying in effect, that Dee Dee and her were coming to Australia in May and would my wife and I let her know the next day if they could come and visit us for a week in Melbourne, Australia.  Those who know Linda will understand how she does things like that!   Absolute panic!!!


I had written to Linda in March 2000 asking how much it would cost me for her to send all of Norman Grubb’s books to me.  It was then that I found out how generous her heart was.  She replied, “I am sending them to you at no cost”.  As I sat there tears rolled down my face as I tried to comprehend this Kentuckian.   I was so thankful, not so much to her but to the Lord.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t have paid, but I immediately felt the love and generosity of Christ.   A year later, the email saying they were coming to visit ME in Australia, half way around the world, scored another emotional hit.   From then on nothing surprised me.  As generous and wonderful as both Dee and Linda are, I am not upholding them, but the Lord Jesus Christ who rules in their heart.  That the Lord had told them to come that distance is still one of the wonders of my life!


Early in 2000, I got to searching for Norman Grubb material after someone had sent me a copy of Norman Grubb’s Romans 6 – Paul’s Key to the Liberated Life.  When I read it I did not understand a thing, but my spirit leapt a mile high knowing that it was true. (I can now see that was a nice division of soul and spirit)  After going through it painstakingly 5 more times and then reading The Key to Everything I was on my way, spirit believing, soul in confusion and still not understanding much.  I had to get more of this Norman Grubb guy.  An internet search led to – well guess who?  A certain Linda Bunting.  And that’s when the books started arriving.  Many months of reading followed as each book was read again and again, each reading producing little bits of light.


But let’s briefly go back to the beginning of life.  Born into a Salvation Army wider family, church and God were part and parcel of life (Bible didn’t figure much) and I was converted when 14 years of age, the same day my Mum made a re-commitment to the Lord.  Dad did not come to the Lord until he was quite old, a miracle in itself.  When I married it was to a girl in the Methodist church and we went into marriage not knowing much at all about godly things.  Not surprising that after four children and many confusing struggles we divorced. Pretty much all the mess was my fault.  Our church, by their actions and by their words, did not know how to help, our pastor openly acknowledging he did not know much about life and God either.


What followed was a disaster filled, stormy, corrupted life for over 10 years.  I had what was called a mental breakdown and did not work for nearly two years in my profession of teaching.  At my time of deepest trouble, really at the bottom of the pit, the Lord again found me and I rushed back to Him like no one else existed.     Christian friends began to make some difference but not to the degree that I knew I needed.  It was not their fault.  I now know there is a fullness in scripture of which they were not aware.  I began to study scripture like there was no other book in the world and took time off from my teaching job to do so.  What was money anyway!


Although my ex-wife had also come to the Lord, reconciliation eventually proved to be impossible.  Eventually in 1984, at a large Baptist church, I met and married Val, who had been on a somewhat similar life trip to mine, except she was the wronged wife.  I had once her heard her say she would like a Christian marriage, both of us realizing that nothing else really works anyway.  I was made by the leaders of our church to jump through all manner of theological hoops before marrying Val.  We have now been married for 18 years.  Three of our seven children belong to the Lord.


The various churches we attended never seemed to say enough or do enough towards meeting our needs, Christian marriage and all. Nor did my extensive studies, which majored on the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Jessie Penn-Lewis’ books were a major source of inspiration.  However, the ways and teachings of the church and Jessie’s writing never did seem to meet in practice. If I have one quality it is perseverance and I continued my studies no matter what.  And of course the Lord was drawing me to him – that was the real reason I continued.  Looking back I can now see the Lord’s preparing me in wonderful foundational terms for what was yet to come.   Every now and then someone would give me a book that took me on in what seemed like a right direction.  I never allowed by the Lord to stand still.  Neither did the Lord, coming more that half way to meet me at every turn of life.  That is easy to see in retrospect.


Then I had the good fortune (no doubt the Lord’s doing) in meeting Pastor Rod Scott, who was part time minister at a small church just around the corner from our home.  After I had read all of Grubb’s books I asked Rod to affirm for me that Grubb was right in his theology.  How providential is God?  Rod, as a young man had been taught the equivalent of Grubb’s theology, and after many hours of study with me affirmed most of what Grubb said.


I began to write about these things.  I often say to others that in writing what I write, I am telling myself what I know – or finding out what I know.  I seem to affirm what I know in my spirit by writing it into words on a computer screen.  I have continued this writing and extended my Web Sites, Good News Australia and Global Good News to include extensive information on these things. Part of the site is a sort of one stop shop for all “Grubbology” matters, having writings by many people on the subject and all the main web sites, as well as my own writings.  I call these pages Fullness of Life in Christ.  Other people then came into my life.  Dan Stone, referred to as a patriarch by some, has been incredibly helpful reading and checking all that I have written.  He is just a gem of a man.


After Linda and Dee Dee’s visit in May of 2001, it seemed like all hell broke loose.  I was already quite used to losses of human and life privileges, as the Lord began to teach me His ways.  (as per Paul’s loss of all things in Philippians 3)  But all those things were seriously extended in the months that followed. Sometimes I did not know which way was up!  The 911 disaster in New York just added to it all.  My world was already changed beyond belief and 911 just showed me the degree to which we must rely on our God.


The last year has seen a continuation of receiving the teaching of the Lord.  Extreme difficulties in all parts of life continued as I learned that one could not develop faith in isolation, but only in trial.  Gradually, as light began to dawn I began to stand still during persecution or trauma, as I at last realized the purpose of the trial was to develop faith in me and that I had to trust God.  The Lord simply tested again and again until the penny began to drop.  The support, guidance and teaching of friends in USA and Rod Scott in Australia was a vital part of holding me together as the Lord proved to me He could and would do it on His own.


I am amazed at what the church at large does not know. As I searched for 20 years down many an endless path, it was interesting that the Lord led me back to where I had started – at the Cross – except this time I had a theology which worked for me instead of thwarting me.  Apart from the obvious we are dead to sin and what that means and all the critical things that flow from that, I must mention two issues which are paramount.  


The first is Romans 7 about which I have now written much.  It really is so easy.  The problem is that many believers when reading Romans 7:14-25 read it as though those words were Paul’s final state in life – with no control over sin at all and a struggle between two natures.  Once you know that there is only one nature and that the passage in Romans 7 refers to Paul’s experience before and during the Holy Spirit’s teaching him the truth – and that it did not continue in his life (as evidenced everywhere in Acts) then it is easy to see that it was a temporary stage of life – and not the whole of life.  Churches still teach the struggle between the two natures!  Incredible!


The second is perhaps more subtle.  The printed word of God is very important.  No doubt about that.  But many believers I can now see, treat the black on white word as a set of instructions to follow, without realizing that the Holy Spirit needs to be the Director of all we do and think.  We should not do as many do and treat the New Testament as another law to be followed, as that makes self-effort paramount in so doing.  We still need printed word to remind us and for God to use in our lives, but to take it as our only guide is to go back into another form of legalism and self-effort.


The second half of 2002 is proving to be a bit different and rather more exciting.  I now know the Lord is guiding me.  Although I still make mistakes sometimes, I can easily accept that I have the mind of Christ and that I have been blessed in the heavenly realms with all the spiritual blessings in Christ.  My “mistakes” are the Lord’s teaching opportunities and it is my experience that He never misses a chance.   I find the Lord is relentless in His teaching of me, a sometimes painful demonstration of His love for me, in His growing of me to minister to others lost outside the full truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Right now (I could say that) I am on tenderhooks about a number of life issues in relationships and issues with those around me.  Just like the issues that readers of this testimony may have.  Although that is normal life, it is now getting to be different.  Although I still hate to suffer and see those around me doing the same, there is no one else I can ask or rely on who can deal with these matters anyway.  Only the Lord!  I am just beginning to realize that the rest for the people of God that is mentioned in Hebrews 4 is really available – and the only two requisites are my faith and my obedience to the Lord through His Spirit.  It is pretty exciting to realize that I can live, not my life, but the life of the One who fully resides in me.   It is a scary prospect at first and I have a long way to go, but for the first time in my life I am on the right track.


Praise be to the Lord and all His helpers that have helped to get me there!!!


Ken Walker

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