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Why Norman Grubb?
by Dee Dee Winter

From: ________
To: Dee Dee Winter
Subject: Your emails

Hi. I've been reading your emails about Norman Grubb and I'm not sure of everything your doing. I think its honorable of you to remember him but it looks like you're immortalizing him possibly. As a born again belliever I don't always get that much from his teachings although I know he's not out of line but I get much more from KCM and other current ministries. Anyway, it's good to know who he is but are you familiar with the lifes and teachings of people like Smith Wigglesworth or John G. Lake? These were also men of God who lived about the same time as Norman Grubb.

Hello ______,

I am curious as to how you came to know of Norman Grubb. I did not know Smith Wigglesworth or John G. Lake, but I did know Norman well and shared a very close friendship and working relationship with him for a number of years until his death. I met him 14 months after God (through no man’s teaching) turned my Christian walk and world literally up-side-down with the revelation of several scriptures. Prior to that, I had been totally involved in a Charismatic inner healing and deliverance ministry as well as fundamental bible studies. God brought me to the end of my self-effort-trying-to-be-good-and-do-all-I-could-for-Jesus-and-failing-Christianity to knowing freedom from the law, that Christ was my life and I could finally and fully trust myself and my desires…because I was dead and my life was hidden in Him.

I searched for a year in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for a church that taught what God had given me, but found none. When I went to hear Norman for the first time, I really went not expecting anything different from everyplace else I had looked. You can imagine my surprise when I not only found another who knew Paul’s mystery of the gospel and his second ministry of presenting every man perfect in Christ, but a man of amazing openness, availability, humbleness, acceptance, affirmation and love.

Norman’s “homegoing” came in 1993. It was while I was standing in a parking lot in Washington, D.C. in 2000 that the Spirit spoke to me to do a website devoted to his writings. How could I refuse! I had no knowledge of how to do any of it, but God has sent one after another to accomplish what He had spoken far and above anything I imagined.

I know of no other current ministry which teaches the total of “the mystery hidden from ages past”…of believers fully redeemed and resurrected…spirit, soul and body…no longer sinners, but saints being kept by His Life now within…the “Christ who has come a second time (in/as us) without the consciousness of sin”.

This is a whole (Jas. 1:2-4) person who now can be living water to his/her world and a far cry from the born-again believer whose main focus is himself…trying to get me straight…keep me from sinning…heal my body…increase my finances…give me…me, me, me…my, my, my. These poor folk are even told it is up to them to have enough faith to accomplish these temporal things when scripture tells us it is not even our faith…”…we live by the faith OF the Son of God” (His faith; Gal. 2:20),and “Even if we believe not, He abides faithful for He cannot deny Himself”.

I bless you in wherever God has you now and hope you will do the same with me.

Love in Christ,