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Shadows & Light
by Fred Pruitt

I always like it when God shows me a picture. Like the saying says, it's worth a thousand words. Today's picture was no exception.

I work in St. Matthews, Kentucky, one of the first and most well-kept subdivisions in Louisville. Parts of it are absolutely gorgeous. Huge aged hardwood trees billow over most of the residential streets.

Today is a day of extra intense sunshine, and as I was riding through the tree-lined streets on my right came up a yard into which somehow the sunshine had collected in bright contrast to all the shadowed lawns around it. Immediately my spirit leapt as I saw the light irradiating everything in its beams. Every thing in that clear space between the trees glowed as if radiating the light from themselves. The yard was almost as if transfigured.

Right before that I had been thinking about how everyone is a child of God, though not necessarily (yet) a son. All are His offspring, as Paul said to the Athenians. I was thinking how like calls to like, in that Christ -- the light that lights every man that comes into the world -- lies dormant like a seed in every man, until that seed is called forth somehow by Christ to spring into life. So whether dormant and yet to live, or living now as sons, I saw all humanity in the light of God's seed coming to birth in each one. (I was not dealing with questions of doctrines or dogmas, about who will or who won't be saved, but rather with my own inner seeing of reality, and what the potentials are for everyone in the mind of the Father, and what I as a Son have permission to speak from God's mind.)

So while I was thinking on this, suddenly this patch of light among deep shadow appeared. And there was my confirmation right on the spot in that picture.

Because what I saw was that the same reality existed in the shadows. The only difference in the spot which was radiant was that the Light was shining there. So I saw that whether in the light, or in the shadow, it is the same substance. The light brings it forth, brings it to life, gives it existence in consciousness, but the same potential for reality exists in the shadow and only needs the light to shine on it to make it manifest.

Well, that's our job, isn't it? The Sons are the Light of the world, and as such shine in the shadows to show forth the truth in every man, which lies dormant as a seed in Him until One speaks who calls him forth to the truth of who he is.