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Intercessors by our Unity in Christ
by Nancy Thompson

With all that has transpired over the number of weeks, I've been thinking about intercession and all that is encompassed in that, in terms of we being intercessors by virtue of our unity of Spirit in Christ. I've also read a Union Life magazine that was devoted to this. It is really Christ as us who does the interceding on behalf of Himself to reconcile all mankind to the Father. Fred, you wrote once, that the word 'intercession' was too lofty a word, but is it really?

Because we are all One in His Spirit, we intercede for each other constantly, in our thoughts, words or deeds; the works that are manifested are those the Father does through us by His Son. I see this as a continual, on-going process.

There is only One Will in the universe, His will, and when we speak or declare our word of faith for each other and/or through prayer, then we intercede for each other, for it is Christ Himself who manifests the intercession.

Intercede means to 'mediate', 'plead in behalf of another', to 'intervene'.

If His desires are truly our desires and we believe this to be true, then we hope for each other, the manifestation of those desires for we see Christ's life manifested in His many forms.

And we are able to intercede for each other for we know God's Will; One WIll. By this, God shares His 'secret wisdom' and secrets with us, as us. This is His Way by and through our faith (His faith) in Him, in each other and for each other and how we 'see' God's mighty hand at work. He withholds nothing from us.

Intercession takes many forms - for it is in Christ as Christ declaring the invisible made visible by faith for each other, for we are One Body.

God's will through you becomes my will for you for we are joined to Him in Spirit and joined and belong to one another, in His One Spirit.

We can only intercede for each other, by His Spirit if we know union or Oneness for our desires and His desires, His Will and our will all serve to glorify Him in unending varieties and forms of worship. We can truly rejoice in each other with open hearts and freedom for all we do ultimately is for others. We are full; we are the fullness of the deity in Bodily form (our form).

When we speak of ourselves as those being in the family of God, how true this is.

We are joined to each other and belong to each; through Christ, in Christ, as Christ and we know one another, for we all have One Father.

How blessed we are for this awesome privilege to be the sons and daughters of Him, to be able through His Love to pour His Love out for one another, to rejoice in one another and for each other.

By and through His Spirit, we are joined always, whether we have seen one another or not in bodily form. We are partake of the One loaf and His food is that which we liberally share and feed one another with.

How can one possibly express in mere words the liberality of His love for us and through us, for others. To say or express in words "I love you both", barely scratches the surface of His Love in my Spirit, which goes forth.

Our hearts are joined and we rest in the heart of God, His Heart, which we manifest to one another through His unending Love.

We are Life to each other and for each other and for all others, and in the bitterness or the sweet, we taste and are filled with Joy, with Love, with each other and with Him.