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A Need for Deliverance?
by DeeDee Winter

This is my response to a friend who asked about Norman Grubb’s stand on Christians having demons and the need for deliverance. The words in italics are my friend’s.

Hi ___________,

I know that we always look for another way out…such as demons…but all it is is another “way” to avoid “The cup which my Father gives me, shall I not drink of it?” Deliverance (as is taught in Christian circles) seems like such a good and reasonable answer and a quick fix for the problem…in what ever form it appears…but really is just another way to escape the Cross operative within every believer. (If a person has not received Christ, then they definitely need the FULL deliverance of The Replaced Life.)This may sound harsh, but if you were really finished with it as an option then it would not appeal to you here…or anywhere.

You are right in the fact that you have found nothing in NPG’s writings using the terms ‘demon possession’. He did speak of “attacks by Satan” which he just called “good practice” for us in order that we get fixed in the truth and to perfect our faith. Even Jesus (the perfect One) had to be perfected (always looking to the Father in faith) by the things that He suffered. Where was Jesus’ deliverance? It came only in speaking the truth. That is what He did in the wilderness, wasn’t it? Where was His deliverance in the crucifixion? “The cup which My Father gives me, shall I not drink of it?”

In Norman’s writings and talks what you will find, though, is him always pressing through to see with a single eye. When we clearly see that, with all other options invalidated, it is clearly understood that IS Norman’s answer.

It is not up to you to “lead your family”. That is the sole work of the Holy Spirit and the Life of Jesus within each one of them. The Law…the Old passed-away-and fulfilled-in-Christ Covenant… would tell you that it is your job. Get SOLID that there is no life in your son but Jesus…nothing…none. And if his wife and her family are believers in Christ Jesus (even if they belong to the Freemasons) then Christ is also their life…period. You will have to stand against what you see, feel and your reason and religion tell you…but it is the only lasting way.

But the question is - How did Norman deal with actual demonic influence in a life where it was obvious that it was in fact affecting the Life.

“The Life” won at the Cross. “The Life” IS being lived out in your son right at this very moment in appearances that make us walk by faith, not by sight. “The Life” will go to any extremes to settle the one in whom He dwells and many others who have to look beyond what the see to find Jesus in the midst by faith. “Judge nothing before the time until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.” I Cor. 4:5…”

I can't find anything in His writings about it - perhaps there is some but I can't find it. So what did he do where he was faced with someone (PERHAPS like my son who can't think straight at all and is filled with negatives suddenly)

Suddenly or long term the answer is still the same. Keep our eye on “Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith”.

My son knows quite a lot about union life both from the Lord and from me.

NOW it is the time for him to be settled in them in ways he does not even begin to imagine. “God will complete that good work in him that He began in the day of Christ Jesus.” Rest in that and look no further.

So I suppose the question includes how does dealing with actual demonization (the biblical word used) fit into union theology.

“It is finished” is how it fits for me. God IS the deliverer and we DO fulfill the Great Commission. My own experience has been one of the temporary fix (acknowledging and casting out demons) verses the permanent fix of knowing that an exchange of lives (Spirit of Truth for the Spirit of Error) is made when we accept Christ. “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away, ALL things are made new”. No more good/bad, black dog/white dog…but ONLY Christ as every believer no matter what “form” He takes or appears in.

It is a big thing to take when the Spirit begins to challenge and tear down our ‘ideas’ of Him. Those ideas are really false idols preventing us from living in “the perfect law of liberty” and thereby preventing others from doing the same. They are held by our seeing. So when we see God only we bring “on earth as it is in heaven” for them also.

“The cup which the Father gives him, will he not drink?” As your son sees himself, he will also see his wife and family. In seeing God only in himself and them…individual healing, wholeness, restoration and resurrection will be the fruit of his faith-labors.

This day is the word fulfilled in their hearing”.

All love,