Christ As Us
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The Normal Human Life
by Fred Pruitt

The normal human life is to be filled with the Spirit of God Who is love and to do His will. And we all know, or at least find out, that is something impossible for us to do.

We learn it isn't by precepts. No matter our tradition, whether we have believed in sacraments, whether we have believed in our good deeds, whether we have believed it is by our understanding or great learning, in our honesty we find God in none of those. Maybe for a time, but one by one they are stripped away as being only forms and not substance.

Eventually nakedness occurs, vulnerability, as we are completely unmade, by a stone cut out without hands, until there is no image to see. When the image of clay and iron, brass, silver and gold has been broken to dust and is powder that blows away in the wind, only the Stone cut out without hands remains, and becomes a mountain that fills the whole earth. (Dan 2:34,35)

Then the normal human life is in focus.

Paul said, "To live is Christ." He didn't say, "to live is to try to be like Christ." To "try to be like Jesus" is to still live in the image of iron and clay and brass, silver and gold. But the Stone (which is Christ in you and me) destroys that image, and fills the whole of where the image had been with nothing but Himself.

We had borne the false image, an image of selfish grasping at straws, but that image has been destroyed and everything has been remade into the mountain of the Lord.

The normal human life is Christ living in us as love being and doing the will of the Father by our daily human lives. He came to reproduce the Father's Life in us as it was in Him, not just for church or special times but every moment of everyday He being the subconscious consciousness in which we live and move and have our being.

Recognize this truth: Christ has become the whole mountain and fills the whole earth -- by this He means you and me. Believe on Him, not on some ability in a false sense of ourselves, and out of your belly shall (does) flow rivers of living water.