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More On "Can We Sin?"
by Fred Pruitt

"Can we sin?" No one who honestly walks with God asks that question, at least not without knowing the answer already within.

We are not offering some sort of doctrinal guarantee that if you hold your mouth just right and believe the correct things, you will walk sinlessly and effortlessly. Sometimes I think we are interpreted so. However, if one wants guarantees of a permanent nature, then there is a permanant source.

Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Within YOU.

Now, what does that mean?

It means that if you want to know something about God, look within yourself, because that is where He is. And I'm not talking about dissecting your body to find the place where God lives in it. He's in "YOU," the whatever it is that's you that you look out of into the world, the whatever it is that's you that thinks and reasons, the whatever it is that's you that loves and hopes, and feels pain and pleasure.

Within yourself you will find Christ, and all the answers to the riddles about good and evil and sin and righteousness. In Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge -- and He is within this "thing" that we look out of and call "ourselves."

When we are touched by the Most High, He Who is Above All, Through All, and In All, (Eph 4:6), a hot coal is placed on our tongue, and we are undone, unmade, our righteousness that we thought we had becomes filthy rags, our eyes are filled with tears and repentance, as we know we have unclean lips and we dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. (Isaiah 6:5)

The vision of the Most High is like the rebuke of Job, where we are eternally brought up "short," so to speak, not negatively so as to make us worms in the dust, but to fix us forever in the Only Pure Source, the Well that never runs dry, the Cistern that holds water.

From that death the Spirit sets us upright on our feet and tells us not to fear, to be bold in the commission that He gives us.

But nobody tells a soldier he's going to live through a battle. He has to find his own courage to go through it, facing the very real possiblity of death. And I would be foolish to tell anyone they had come to a some spiritual place where they were exempt from temptation or the possibility of marrying a temptation.

The Lord was tempted in the Garden far beyond anything He'd endured thus far, and it wouldn't have really been temptation to Him if the possibility hadn't existed that He would say yes to it. There would have been no strength to it, the pull away from the Father's will, if He had been impervious to it. But because of the fact that this temptation was so taxing to His being that He sweated blood, in that is the proof of its reality.

And if so for Him, then for us as well. But that only strengthens this life when you see it in that light. Because once more, we see that it is not we who become God, but God who has become us, and walks in us and fulfills His own righteousness in us, as He did Jesus.

God cannot be tempted with evil, the scriptures say. (James 1:13). Yet Jesus was. In every way, just like we are. Jesus was "God in the flesh," and He was tempted. He didn't sin, but He WAS tempted, more than any of us ever have been or will be, because He took ALL our temptations into Himself.

And now that same life that was in Jesus and brought Him through the Cross, and down into the depths of the earth into the land of captivity, and then caused Him to rise from the deepest depths all the way to the highest heights so that He might fill all things, by His resurrection from the dead, now lives in us.

Not sinning is not by precept or doctrine but by the life of the Spirit of God in us, in whom we walk in a living reality, a reality in which we are both dead to ourselves and to the world, continually undone to be nothing in ourselves in the Lord, and secondly that we are risen in power and newness of life in order to walk in boldness that we are Christ living in our humanity as we live in the world.

There is no measuring stick to judge it by except God who lives in us, the only true and righteous judge.

We are only told to do one thing: to believe. And that is as simple as saying, "Ok." or "Alright."