Christ As Us
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by Fred Pruitt

At best we get brief glimpses, you might say from the side and a bit askew, of what is really happening every moment.

What is really happening we can only describe in poetic terms, or by analogy or parable, because no human words can possibly capture the essence of Truth or "contain God." They only point to, or hint at "IT" or "HIM."

The brief glimpses tell me, which are witnessed to by the Spirit and the Word, first of all that "all things" are made by Him and that by Him all things consist. This is not to be thought of as something "static" that happened in some unknown past, but is a present tense living reality. Every moment creation is pouring out of the invisible into the visible (according to our sight) out of an eternal spoken Word, in which the Father is eternally saying, "Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee." (Ps 2:7)

This is something I can see in the wind, in the forest, in the grass, in the moving of the Ohio River, as well as in the noisy smelly automobile traffic on the boulevard, in people impatient in the checkout line at the store, and in the worst things I see on the nightly news. Everywhere I look, The Living One only do I see.

In glimpses I can see only one purpose, one will, overriding all, in all and through all, One Living Person expressing Himself on every level of being and in every realm of understanding, knowledge and consciousness.

The greatest "hint," however, He gave Moses in telling Moses His name.

Tell them "I AM sent me."

We often say God knows us better than we know ourselves. We all know God knows all our thoughts, all our motivations, all our heart, better than we do. How could it be that one "person" sitting on a heavenly Throne, infinitely "apart" from us His creatures in holiness, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, power, etc., could know EACH OF US SO INTIMATELY, that every thought and intent in our innermost being is known to Him? How could that be? Does He have some greatly sophisticated computing device, in which we are all like terminals on the internet, to which He can tune in anytime He wants, and see what we are up to?

That would be a big job if he just tuned in to us one at a time (how else could He give us total attention?), but we know God is the SAME to all of us, in all of us, all at the same time! We don't have to "show God" anything, or prove anything to Him. How ludicrous for us to think so! (Have you ever been in a service when the preacher has said, "C'mon, show God you mean it!"? It seems to me He already knows!)

But this "hint" in giving Moses His name is the biggest hint of all, and we are so thickheaded that we are afraid to consider its implications.

But when we have passed from death to life, from darkness to light, from Satan to God, in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and thereby made a new creature, as we have been taught, from there on we inwardly know only one "I AM," and slowly over time as the hints keep coming, and more and more as we are beginning to see the dawn of the day, bright light coming over the horizon in the east, we are less and less afraid to consider in nothingness and humility, that the "we" that we are, is He expressing Himself as our very selves. Life is God in His perfect perfection, as our perfected human selves, living in His own perfect will, expressing the death and resurrection of Jesus, by love, in the world we live in today. It is "God in Christ reconciling the world to the Father by us." (2 Cor 5:20)

Jesus prayed to the Father, "That they may be One, as we are One." (John 17:22)

What other "hints" do we need? Our true identity is not found in identifying with our temporal life, but is found only hidden in Christ. (Col 3:3) Christ, therefore, IS our identity. What other "hints" do we need?

Paul says you "change from image to image" by, what, looking at a picture of Jesus? No, by looking into a MIRROR, in which you see -- yourself? -- no, you see CHRIST! (2 Cor 3:18) What other "hints" do we need?

You are HE! There is no other.

What other "hints" do we need?

Today the Son is born and all things are subjected to Him. Hallelujah!

As He is, so are you in this world.(1 John 4:17)