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Some More "Rest" Stuff
by Fred Pruitt

I was just thinking this morning how Genesis says God created everything in six days, and then He rested on the seventh.

And then how Hebrews talks of our entering into His rest, so that we would rest from all our works as God did from His.

So that got me thinkin' -- "If God 'has rested' (i.e. past tense) from all His works, it must first of all mean that he 'worked.'" (Otherwise why would He rest?)

And then I thought, well, if God worked for six days, and then Hebrews seems to indicate the seventh Day of rest is continual with God, in that He "hath ceased from his own works" (Heb 4:10), then in what state does He live now? What is His rest?

Thoughts don't necessarily follow along in the right order with me, so the next word that came to me is that all is spirit and spirit seeks manifestation and in manifestation spirit both finds its works (in seeking manifestation) and its rest (in manifestation).

And then I understood that the Kingdom of God is from rest to rest, as the Spirit in us seeks some particular mission of God, whether known to us in clarity or not. (The dark kingdom is from unrest to unrest, but we can't address that right now.) The very outgoing of the Spirit by us sets in motion the issues of life, all of which are forms of spirit seeking manifestation, and that in that motion is created conflicting desires and situations and needs, and by or in the midst of that discontent a crux occurs, a "death and resurrection" as it were, and from a new rising we HEAR the Word and See the Invisible with our eyes and then comes Thanksgiving and Joy and Peace in the Holy Spirit as Christ is manifest in our mortal flesh -- in whatever way He has chosen, whether by our weakness or by our supposed strength.

"I die daily," said Paul, and by that he meant the continuous activity of the Spirit in us to bring forth the kingdom of God, not by our own works or own ideas or even by our own understanding (upon which we ain't s'posed to be leanin') but on Him alone.

Have you spoken a word in the Name of the Lord? (Realize, "in Jesus' name" is not an incantation, spoken like magic words, that if we tack on to the end of any "prayer" we can be assured of its answer, but "in Jesus' name" means we are JESUS HIMSELF saying this thing! [The difference between Paul & the seven sons of Sceva - Acts 19:14,15.]). This is how you can believe and not doubt in your heart, because you can be assured that His Word by you shall be fulfilled, for He spoke it Himself, and the Lord accomplishes Himself His own Word. So if you have spoken a Word in the Name of the Lord, then be assured you do have that thing. Though the opposite may and most likely will appear, for a time, to be true.

Not doubting in your heart means that Jesus is your heart and He does not doubt. Any "thoughts or temptations" that you are "doubting" are just that -- thoughts and/or temptations. The truth is, your heart is Christ and He does not doubt Himself and Your Word that God has declared by You shall come into being. Doubt it not. Instead rejoice and enter into the Joy of the Lord!

Therein is the heaven and the rest of God.

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