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The Mystery Is Solved ... well sorta!
by Fred Pruitt

This is taken from a letter ...

All you say is essentially what I heard from Norman my first time with him. It shook the foundations of everything. The Inner Spirit is the reliable authority! It makes sense that He who wrote a book would be greater than the book.

I had a guy write to me once, "You can't rely on the Inner Christ -- you have to check everything with the written word!"

I understand the fear of falsity. It would be nice if there were something we could touch that we could rely on, but the Living God is tangible only in Himself, and unperceived in this world. But in the deepest depth, all we have is the "inner Christ." When did the Bible become the 4th (or maybe the ONLY) person of the Trinity? (Making it "The Holy Quaterny" of course. [So therefore we're not actually "Trinitarians," but "Quaternarians?"] I'm being facetious!)

And yet when I write these things it is almost always on scripture, but it (Scripture) has become far different to me than it first was (though even then it was dimly so). I think the origin and power of Holy Scripture is beyond the reach of our minds, and is specifically ordained by the Father to move the hearts of men, and by the Spirit to teach us all truth, but that likewise everything possible is in it when known after the flesh. ("Unto the pure all things are pure, unto the froward ..." )

The greatest trap for all our individual Pharisee-ness is the Bible, and yet it is the secret liberator of the Christ. Jesus "used" scripture as Life, and the others as death.

I've been thinking a lot about this recently. I was getting out of the car in the grocery store parking lot a couple of days ago thinking about all the "laws," "admonitions," and even "procedures," that Paul gave to the churches (appointing elders and bishops, women roles in the church, the proper usage of charismatic gifts, what to do about those who sin, etc.). All of these have been used over the centuries by the "church" trying to imitate Israel, still misunderstanding the fact that the veil of the temple has been rent in twain, everyone still cowering in separation, and continuing unto this present day, with people trying to figure out how Paul did stuff and then to follow his precepts, even though over and over again he reiterated the truth that we do NOT live by a written code and that the Cross had the "handwriting of ordinanances against us" nailed to it in Jesus' body.

So how come Paul is laying all this stuff down? After tearing down the law of Moses does he now replace it with the Pauline Code?

Like I said, there is something for everybody in the scripture. If you want to be a Pharisee, there is PLENTY in scripture to zero in on and use as proof to find fault with everyone we see. Start with ourselves. I think it's a big joke Paul wrote so much of all that stuff.

Or maybe it's still a case of "for the hardness of your hearts he suffered you."

Paul maybe knew, or maybe he didn't, that it would be another 2000 years before another great wave of the Spirit would come, and more and more the race of men would understand God as Emmanuel.

It was not yet time. But though his writings contained the germs of everything we have come to see in this our present time -- how God is All in all, how He has become one person with us in Spirit, manifesting in flesh, THIS DAY -- still it hasn't been for the vast multitudes yet to see, and therefore the inner kernal of Life has been covered over all these centuries and as much or more in our time, by moral admonitions and an intellectual focus on doctrine.

But I believe the fulness of time approaches, at least the fulness of time for a great outbreak of union reality among the people of the Lord, wherever they may be and by whatever name they might go by. And this is a thing of the Lord, which He will do, IS doing NOW, and it will be something we can hardly contain. "And all shall be taught of God."

Every seed we have cast has life in it, and will sprout something according to the ground it fell in.