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I-ness in hIs-ness
by Dean Chicquette

Is there something more for the Christian? If anything, what comes after a saving knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ? Is a life of discipleship the only road ahead? Can the Spirit of God reach this side of death and enliven the human soul or are we left to try, trust, repent, and try again?

The glorious news of Union Life is both a new dimension of Christian existence and simply a coming aware of the first realization we had when the Spirit of God gave witness to our spirit that whoever I am is absolutely NOTHING compared to Him who now lives in me.

I am forever amazed at the never ending passionate labors of Christians trying to conduct themselves in a pleasing way before God and men. They know full well that they will fail, and but try and try all over again.

The Old Testament morally tortured the Jews in that they were instructed by God to live the LAW but found no law in them nor in the Torah that was able to release them from lawlessness. In order for a law abiding Jew to come to Christ Jesus, it demands they accept an end to the law as a way to gain God. They must give up the law and the struggles it prescribes. The gift of salvation is the release by God from any effort to be right with God or to gain entrance to the throne of God. To gain Christ they must lose all they ever held dear, their culture, their society, and take hold of a new way, a before unheard of way. That way is in the opportunity to discover and accept all they every desired of God and to embrace God himself as their life.

Union with God, gifted in Christ Jesus, supersedes all hopes of being legally right with God. One is not only cleansed but instantly placed between the Cherubs of the Ark of the Covenant and there forever without negative reflection, free to converse with God. One is both equal with God, subject to God, and inescapably as God is in that moment of expression.

Yet for many, if not most Christians, our saved state is worse than our lost state. Previously, ignorance saved us from the excruciating pain of knowing how different we were from God. Now, knowing the difference we can experience a never ending miserable state because of our awareness of our present sins in juxtaposition to the very Spirit of God pounding in our breast. We as gentiles, and not Jews, never trusted the Law to make us right with God yet felt the weight of the Law in our hearts and minds. Once forgiven we, unlike a Jew, forget from what we were saved and quickly turn again to the dung and vomit of our efforts to be like God, act like God, or simply please God.

Jesus fixed this dilemma. For when he died he died for all and all died. Let us make that personal. When Jesus died YOU died. So how do you live? Well, you do not live, that is the old ‘lost and slave to sin’ you does not live. Who then lives? First and foremost Christ lives, not I. The I-ness I once was, is no longer. It is dead, not just to sin but to breakfast as well. It is no longer. Who then lives? Well, I do of course, this observing, taking part in life, happy, hurting, human being. Who is this I if not the old self, the old nature, the sinner and sin nature? It is Christ! I cannot prove it but I can believe it. Thus, you have a second crisis of faith to face and face squarely. Will you?

Faith says it is finished, I am presently and forever complete and perfect, and that all I ever have to do or be is but this hIs-ness, and that I am, in fact, inescapably. What I am is what I am supposed to be with all the ups and downs, ins and outs, rights and wrongs, hopes and fears, gusts and disgusts. How can I be all this? I cannot, but He is all and in all and animating all, the light of all and the right of all. He is what we never can be. He is what we are and ever so much more.

How then do we live if we are complete, perfect, and safe from separation from God? First, we would never ask that question if we were settled by faith in the union with God we enjoy.

Jesus’ magnificent prayer concerning the time of glorification of the Son and Father becomes ever so impressive when Jesus proclaims that in him he desires we too be equally glorified. Just as he glorifies the Father and the Father the Son, we too, in that same relationship, are glorifications of the Father by the Son’s very eternal living. We in hIs-ness lose our I-ness and become his expressions expressed. The I am is He, yet I. Confused? There is no need to be confused, just take a leap of faith and believe God.

Believing a god can save us from past sins, is almost universal the world over. Believing God has saved us from all sins; past, present, and future, is accepted by many. Believing the Sinless-One is your very unction, even consciousness and animation is almost unheard of. Though this is the heart of Jesus’s request to the Father which Christendom wants to postpone until…

It is as if Jesus wants to say; “He who now lives in me lives as me.” Whatever he is willing to be in this world through me is His business and yet mine for I seemingly make all the decisions, suffer all the pain, joy, and confusion.

I am amazed that we were ever admonished to have the very same attitude as Christ Jesus.

Philippians 2:5-8 (MSG)
“Think of yourselves the way Christ Jesus thought of himself. He had equal status with God but didn't think so much of himself that he had to cling to the advantages of that status no matter what. Not at all. When the time came, he set aside the privileges of deity and took on the status of a slave, became human! Having become human, he stayed human…”

This means for us who, by faith, are now not an I-ness but a hIs-ness, that we too are to think of ourselves as having equal status with God but not to think so much of ourselves that we cling to that state of mind or desired sense of being. Not at all. We too have now set aside once and for all time the desire to feel divine, have the powers of the divine, or even act out Divine behavior. It is our created privilege and God’s very desire in us to become fully human and to stay that way!

What wonder, joy, delight, and bliss bathes our souls when we settle by faith that the struggle is over and we live out from freedom and not from bondage. We simply go our way knowing by faith it is His way! We get past childish things and begin to be adults mature in every way meeting every occasion with and by faith in God.

What of sin? It is our privilege to live in and out from the Spirit of Love. If we find our hearts not wanting to behave a certain way; remember that only Christ is the one who does not do sin. Give up, give in, give over, and give time for God in you to establish your heart. This life God has created is a process of being saved while being saved, being completed while having already in all ways been completed, being perfected while being in all ways perfect.

Jesus’s whole life was the outliving of this realization; “I and the Father are one.”

So then, let this mind be in you also.