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I Am . . .
by Sharleen Lawrence

I AM...

Therefore we are.
Born of our Heavenly Fathers will, we were purposed in Christ according to His pleasure. Our Great God whom we serve declares to Moses “I AM THAT I AM”. Go and tell Pharaoh I AM has sent you. We are made in HIS likeness... just as HE declared it so. HIS plan, HIS idea, His desire. HIS fulfillment.

I am. We are. Now. In His likeness. In His fullness. When we see Him we shall be like Him. His Kingdom is now. Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Even in our mouth. His Kingdom is at hand. Within our reach. We are able to take hold of this Kingdom in which He rules as we allow Him to rule and reign within out hearts and lives.

The pressure is off of us to become. We are just to be. He shall finish that which HE began. We have been far too busy trying to help HIM out. That which we see as imperfect, in our loved ones or even in ourselves, we have rolled up our sleeves and went to work... rather than drawing upon HIS grace and resting in HIM.

We try to make perfect out of our imperfections. Imperfect thinking, imperfect ideas, imperfect desires... as though we knew what was good... and perfect. Aren’t we hilarious? Children acting like children.

HE desires to bring us, each and every one of us, to a Rest in HIM.

This requires a knowing and a trust. To Know HIM shall bring us there. To KNOW HIS Love and Faithfulness brings us to a Rest in HIM where we can lay down our weapons, our tools and our cunning ways to arrive where He has planned on taking us all along.

Our requirement is to LOVE HIM... by being obedient to HIS commands. Love God and Love our neighbor as ourselves. And His commandments are not grievous.

To hate our neighbors, is to think less of them, and to hate is the same as murder, which of course brings forth death. So to think less of our brothers and sisters than we do of ourselves is to hate them. See how we can only do this thing we call “being in HIS image” is to continually draw upon His Grace!

We are to continually be in prayer... this prayer is naturally drawing upon Him ... His Grace and Truth. We serve a ‘right now God’. We are His children. We are like Him. We are His right now children. We need to walk in His Kingdom... right now.