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All or Nothing
by Michael Daniel

How foolishly man guards his nothing, thereby seemingly keeping out He Who is everything, and in grand deception keeping in all that is nothing. Truly God is hated in this world.

Jesus knew that the expelled ones had a head start in really knowing Him and understanding the simplicity of His message. They have, in fact, always been cast out from what is unreal or the world would not be the expelling system that it is.

When a person is self-minded and worldly motivated, every ego-boundary must be defended, argued, or worshipped. My reputation, my needs, my nation, my security, my business, my religion, and even my favorite sports team are really all that I have to worry or think about because they are my only feeble identity. You know that you have placed most, if not all, of your eggs in theses flimsy baskets if you are hurt or offended when someone speaks negatively against them. Then the defense mechanism kicks in and the self-motivated point must be proved at all costs.

Contrary to popular belief we are not what we do and our identity is not born of what we accumulate materialistically. We are who we are and we have no real access or true knowledge of who we are except in Christ Jesus. Only in Christ can we know the safety, security, spaciousness, and the frightening ultimate freedom to be who we are, all that we are, more than we are and less than we are.

All systems exclude, expel, punish and protect to find identity in the pursuit of achievement and self-preservation. Apart from so much useless time and energy, this worthless effort keeps you from knowing the only true worth, that being the only Love, the only Life, the only Truth, and the All that is Jesus.

Until we have utterly faced the absolute death of self we will continually perpetuate it in the outer world of politics, religion, social class, or business. We remain in a system and out of the awareness of who we are, that being ONE with the living God in Christ.

The battle will rage on until ultimately there is total surrender. All worldly passions, desires, dreams and motivations are dead and buried in the corpse of self and self-interest. We now know that the you and I are nothing and it is then that we know Jesus, the I AM as the ALL! No longer do we have to, in futility, guard our nothing.